Postman Pat has been delayed.

Hi y’all, I’m just popping in to give you an update on shipping times.

Severe weather patterns, staff shortages due to weather and Covid, industrial action, and the resulting sorting centre backlogs are causing significant delays in some areas. Throw the festive season into the mix and you have chaos.

There is very simply nothing I can do. Domestic and international mail, including that sent to the USA, is taking longer than is normal and expected with most delays occurring within the receiving country. Significant delays are occurring in some areas.

As always please ensure your postal address, email address, and all other details are correct.

I know it’s frustrating but there is nothing any of us can do except be patient. Thankfully this doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s time consuming and unpleasant for all involved. I’m afraid I’m no longer as tolerant as I was of angry, accusatory emails and messages.

What happens if your order is late arriving?

If your order is still undelivered after four weeks please contact me. I can and will send you a digital copy of the pattern (for free) to get you started while you’re waiting.

Orders are rarely lost in the post, usually they show up six to eight weeks after dispatch – a long time to be waiting but that’s just how it is at the moment. If the order hasn’t arrived after that time I’m always more than happy to send a replacement.

Please remember that even if your home town or suburb isn’t effected by these events it doesn’t mean that the postal route isn’t effected (oh to heck with effected vs. affected lol).

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope it helps allay your fears. We’re all afraid of scams and scammers these days. I assure you I’m not one of them and neither are the thousands of small business impacted by these postal and weather events.

I’ve been doing well, whilst my joints are still inflamed I’m able to do more than I could pre-Christmas. I did too much this week and my arm swelled up again but I’m learning to deal with this as I go. I’ve been sketching out this year’s sew-along. As soon as I can use a rotary cutter for more than two minutes at a time I will get cracking on it. Take care everyone. Thank you for being fantastic and kind as always, toni xx

2 thoughts on “Postman Pat has been delayed.”

  1. Prayers for your continued healing ❣️ Hopefully your 2023 will bring you good health and the ability to do what you enjoy pain free. Happy healthy New Year fromTexas❣️😺

  2. Hi…After reading Tini’s post I just had to comment. I have followed our talented Tni for years. First time I ordered from her..I was hesitant…after all I saw her talent.but didn’t know her. Do I wanted the pattern badly. I ordered…Almost immediately..considering I was in Texas..USA & she sooo far away. I got a texted FROM her. Telling me I had accidentally ordered 2. Did I want 2? Course not..but I DID want 1 of everything! Anyway..she told me to pick out another pattern and she would send it.
    Yep she’s very honest. I hadn’t even known I made a mistake.
    Never did I hesitate again to order from here. Got my beautiful patterns.
    So that was my first order from her.
    Toni had your back not her fault for this crazy world.:)

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