Happy New Year 2023!

What an absolute whirlwind 2022 was. It came with extreme highs and lows, challenges, losses, the occasional win, plus everything in between. 2022 saw me asked to write a submission for the Domestic Violence Inquiry, to represent small business as part of a submission to the Government regarding our postal system, and advocating for women’s health outcomes – something I’m passionate about.

< BTW the best Christmas present ever!

The new year delivered a new Janome. I went a model up from my last machine and I’m hoping this sweet girl is as brilliant as my last.

I haven’t done much sewing yet but I’ve tested out the blanket stitch a little. I can say, like all of the Janome machines I’ve previously owned, the blanket stitch is amazing. The best in the business.

My old “Miss J” isn’t done with yet. After months of trying to convince the service mechanics that something was wrong and being dismissed, I took matters into my own hands and pulled her apart. Sure enough my gut instinct was correct, there is a rusty and worn cog/gear that is slipping with each stitch. Hopefully I will be able to source the two parts I need and she’ll be back to normal asap as a family/backup machine.

I have no idea what 2023 will bring. I have no resolutions. All I want is to feel at peace with my life, to feel loved and wanted by the people who matter to me, and to be strong again (post Covid).

I’m still not walking as well as I could and there are days when I can’t use my arms/hands very well but I’m assured it will pass with physio, rest, and light exercise.

I will be doing a sew-along or something similar again this year. I’m not sure what or when just yet. I’ll let y’all know when I do.

Again I ask that you don’t request personal/private templates and patterns to be drawn or written for you. I try to be kind but it takes a lot of time and energy and I rarely get a thank you. As harsh as it sounds I simply will not be answering those message or emails anymore as ‘no’ never works.

I also can’t provide Cricut or Scan-n-Go patterns for individuals. I will try and convert a few patterns this year but it is a big job and it takes a lot longer than everyone thinks it does to complete. None of my listings say they are compatible with these machines so please no snarky messages about it.

With that all said and the rules laid down lets’s have some fun in 2023!

Much love to all, toni xx

13 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2023!”

  1. Love your work. You are very creative & generous. Hoping that 2023 treats you kindly. Rest up & go gently forward into 2023. M

  2. Take care of yourself and get better. I know how much you love what you
    do, but your health comes first.
    May God bless and heal you soon.
    Carolyn Langham

  3. Happy New Year Toni, so looking forward to what ever patterns you do for us this year. Wishing all the best for 2023

  4. Happy New Year Toni!
    I am wondering if you would mind my sharing patterns from My Favourite Things with the ladies in our PQ group called Quilters By The Sea based in the Redlands.
    We support a Domestic Violence haven in our area which has accommodation for 11 women and their children We make quilts and various items as well as donating items required to help these family feel loved.
    A project for this year would be to get the ladies to make My Favourite Things squares, quilt each square and then we will join them up making rag quilts of 42 squares. I will put a pattern into a brown paper bag with buttons if required and ask them to return 2 of the same square completed in the bag. Like picking a lucky dip! I am busy making all the squares as i didn do any during the year because if ill health. These will be samples for our 33 members.
    We will go ahead with this project with your permission.
    Hope you health continues to improve as my 13 great grandchildren just love your designs. You do such a fabulous job.

  5. Happy New Year Toni! Thank you for all you do for us. I appreciate you and love you to bits! Deep breaths and love to all there!

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