Happy Friday Specials

Hi lovelies, another week has passed by and where it went I don’t really know. This speeding train we call 2022 is fast heading towards the cliff that is the 31st December and I’m not sure whether I’m ready to be hurtled into another new year quite yet. Christmas trees, fairy lights, and giant inflatable decorations are popping up around the neighbourhood, surprising us all with the reminder that the end of the year is nearly here.

Covid has left the building but I’ve been left with terrible joint pain. I’m hoping it will pass if I take it easy for a while. It’s certainly not optimal at this time of year.

All of the soft toy patterns are on special this week in the Etsy store and on the website here. Pop on over and grab a bargain.

Take care everyone, I’ll pop back in when I can. I’ve apparently used up my quota of pain free typing for the night lol. Much love to all, toni xx

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