Erik the Christmas Gnome

Hi lovelies, it’s that time of year again! You can find Erik (I’ve decided to name my little Christmas gnome) on our free projects page. You can also click on the image above to download the pattern.

We are currently playing the Covid game again *sigh*. Our lovely daughter was a bridesmaid at a much awaited wedding last weekend and she brought home a surprise visitor (Covid) despite the valiant efforts of the brides. Phooey. I’m not even remotely an anti-masker but Dear Lord these masks are hurting my ears. The only one of us who is sitting pretty is our youngest daughter who has masks specially fitted to her face because she works at a major hospital. Hers don’t sit behind her ears and have a strip of foam cushioning. I am deeply envious lol.

Take care, love to all, toni xx

4 thoughts on “Erik the Christmas Gnome”

  1. I know again. It’s scary Covid, I have my doubts it will completely be eradicated. I am allergic to every mask I have tried. The fibers (even in 100% cotton) Every fabric has something added and I can’t breathe. I have researched as much as I could.
    Toni there are Patterns online to make masks to fit. 4 layers are best protection and some fit around head.

  2. Thank you for Erik. I just love Gnomes and have no idea why, but you can bet I have saved him. 🙂

    I have sent you an email so please email me back to let me know you got it with the attached file.

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