It’s Friday!

Good morning y’all, it’s November! I’m not even going to worry about where October went. I’m still working on 2021 time roflol.

Thank you for your kind and considered comments on my last post. If I didn’t reply, it’s not because I’m being rude or don’t care, it’s because my brain gets very overwhelmed sometimes and simply can’t. It’s a rabbit-in-the-headlights reaction.

I’m glad I wrote about it though. I was tired of being ‘discussed’. I intend to more open in future.

I’m currently working through the template mail-outs for the ‘My Favourite Things’ quilt. It’s a labour intensive job and I’ll try and get them in the post this weekend.

The templates will remain on the website for free but the printed pattern will be released for sale for those of you who prefer it that way. Please be patient, there are 110 templates to condense into a much smaller pattern.

The quilt has come back from the lovely Julie, who did a brilliant job as always. I just need Rem to vacate it so I can sew the buttons on and it’s finished.

I’m very peeved with myself because I forgot to allow extra seam width on the dotty borders for the wider binding. Julie offers a fantastic binding service, which let me tell you is a glorious thing for time poor people like me. However the binding is wider than normal (which I also love) but I forgot to allow for it. All of Julie’s details are on the website here. Just scroll down to quilting services. Julie also provides business receipts (for tax) if you need them *hallelujah* lol.

The sloth quilt is coming along nicely – finally! I’m not sure when it will be finished, soon I hope but no more promises or time frames from me. It puts me under enormous pressure.

One component of my ADHD is that I will work myself to clinical exhaustion. I like working, I’m capable of working 14 hour days seven days a week without as much as a food break. It’s just the way my brain works and I have been hospitalised before from the exhaustion caused by it.

I like pleasing and helping people and I will put ‘them’ before myself every single time. Wash, rinse, repeat despite the counselling lol. Actually I just don’t notice when I’m doing it and rely on my family and friends to give me a kick up the butt when I do. I’ve lost a couple of kilos in the past month simply from not noticing it was time to eat lol.

There won’t be any new Christmas quilts or projects this year. I left it too late and I’ve been consumed by other work. I just need to work through it all until I come out the other side of my in-tray.

I want a fresh slate for the new year. I’m hoping to convert some patterns, as a trial, to suit the Scan-n-Go or Cricut formats. This is new for me and I have to research how they are done and how I will offer them for sale. There will be a new sew-along in 2023 but I’m not sure what yet.

That’s about it from me. Hubby has taken a couple of days off work to help with some of the bigger household chores that I can’t do by myself. I’d rather a holiday but needs must. The weather has been all over the place – cold, very hot, wet, dry; everything but snow. Half the garden is thriving the other half is dead. We have an abundance of baby water dragons that have needed rescuing, we are finding them everywhere in the house and in the garden lol. The mozzies are huuuge, I swear they are mutants, I haven’t seen them this big since I lived in North Queensland.

But best of all it is Jacaranda season. They are spectacular this year, a glorious canopy of bright purple that is sometimes so dazzling you can’t look at them without sunglasses. Some days I really feel blessed. Take care everyone, much love, toni xx

2 thoughts on “It’s Friday!”

  1. Baby water dragons??! Wow! Something that lives in AUS that I’m not deathly afraid of! Lol! Thanks for posting pics of your beautiful springtime! That purple is gorgeous but could also spur on a migraine!! I can’t imagine what it’s like IRL!

    Glad you are feeling a bit better and a little more comfortable in your own skin. And imo, it’s nobody’s business how you work, what you’re doing, what your timelines are, or why you do or don’t do something. If you want to share that, great, but don’t be bullied into explaining yourself. I have that same people-pleasing tendency, tho, so I understand how hard it is to fight against it. For me, that tendency is balanced out by my Irish temper. Ha!
    Ok, I’ve rambled on enough. Please take care of yourself (and those lovely water dragons)!!

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