My Favourite Things : Finished!

Hi y’all, happy Monday to you!

I’ve uploaded the last of the 2022 bonus blocks to the My Favourite Things page. The last (11) blocks are joined vertically and then sew to the right-hand side of the quilt. I’ve also uploaded a set of numbers to the page.

What started as an exercise to overcome a creative block turned into an epic journey of absolutely bonkers applique madness. The templates will remain on the website for free, to be used either to make my quilt or to use in your own projects. Please always respect copyright. I will add to them from time to time over the coming months if the mood takes me.

I’ll get the quilt back from Julie soon and I’ll post finished photos. Remember if you’ve made my quilt with the extra bonus blocks you’ll have to adjust the amount of border blocks, backing fabric, and binding fabric you’ll need.

Please consider making a Ko-fi donation. A small donation helps me continue to earn an income doing the thing I love most – making people happy. I hope you’ve had fun, much love to all, toni xx