Ps. Joyful Things

I shouldn’t write blog posts or newsletters at the very end of the day when I’m tired and hungry and not at my best, it makes me sound like a miserable ass. I have no idea why I write them at 6pm, which has always been the worst part of the day for me (6am isn’t much better, it’s when I yell at politicians who are in the news of the day). One day I’ll learn. Joyful things today… singing out (very) loud to my favourite songs (1970’s disco baby), eating a chocolate Paddle Pop in the sun, watching the butterflies swarm the buddleia, laughing at the cats avoiding the clover because for some ridiculous reason they are scared of it (not the bees), plus the absolute joy of letting the lawn go to clover and allowing the bees to flourish. Ps. I do an amazing falsetto version of ‘Staying Alive’ by the Bee Gees.

2 thoughts on “Ps. Joyful Things”

  1. Oh Toni…..I smile real big at your letters! You are such a beautiful person and I want you to have these same feelings every day! We are heading into Fall and winter. This morning it is 36 F…….take care and enjoy your Spring and summer.
    Love you, Char

  2. We must be a similar age coz I love all those things, in fact a chocolate paddlepop would make a Favourite Thing 😆 & I do love clover in flower 💚🍀

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