My Favourite Things Bonus Blocks

Hi y’all, I’ve uploaded the first ten bonus blocks of our Thermoweb sew-along to the website.

These are joined together and added to the bottom of the quilt. I’ll upload the remaining (11) blocks plus the numbers 0-9 in the next few days.

Our Facebook Group, The Red Boots Gang, has all the templates uploaded to the files section of the group. It’s a great place to show off your projects, ask for advice, and meet some really lovely people. Pop on over and say hi to everyone!

We have a couple of new Australian stockists. Pennylane Patchwork in Victor Harbor, South Australia and Country Pickin’s Sewing Centre in Taree and Port Macquarie. Welcome guys! I’ll add the deets to the website shortly.

This Week at the Red Boots House

This year has gotten away from me I’m afraid, I truly don’t know where the time has gone. My son came home from work and gleefully tortured me with the fact there are only 10 weeks until Christmas. Eeeeek!!!! He’s been put on my naughty not nice list! It’s my niece’s wedding next week and I have no idea what to buy for a wedding gift. I haven’t left it until the last minute at all…

Quilts and projects that should’ve been finished aren’t and I’m still struggling with the sloth quilt. What bugs me is that I’m so busy it’s not funny but I’m still not getting anything ‘done’. It’s extraordinarily frustrating and I’m afraid I’ve been a bit crankier than normal with everyone lately lol.

However I HAVE sent the “Fave Things” quilt to Julie so she can work her longarm magic on it. I’m a huge fan of very simple, all-over quilting and I love the way the Gammill’s (and Julie) quilt. Now that the monkey is off my back so to speak I might be able to concentrate on finishing the something like 20 half-finished projects that are currently scattered around the house.

Well that’s it from me today. Nothing much is happening. I had a giant load of soil delivered today and Dave the scrub turkey thought all HIS Christmases had come at once. My daughter finally found a suitable bridesmaid dress and as I walked in the door I tripped and spilled my coffee on it. Yep, I’m still feeling extraordinarily bad about it!

The weather is warming up, the wildlife is on the move, and our garden is springing to life… hence the soil delivery. We have so many sunflower and pumpkin seedlings that need planting out this weekend. Love to all who are dealing with natural disasters right now. Half of Australia is flooded and being evacuated. We’ve escaped the rain so far this Spring but the State Government is already having emergency flood response meetings and are giving out sandbags. I hope y’all are doing okay, take care of yourselves, love to all, toni xx