Birthday Sale!

Hi y’all, it’s my birthday and I’m having a birthday sale over on Etsy. Pop on over and get 30% off all digital patterns this weekend only.

I’m having a miserable time of it. I just had a white hot rage fit at my family. Grrrr, it was justified, but of course I feel terrible. Do you ever feel like you’re a part of the furniture?

I swear to God I’m going to change my name to ‘chair’. It would be more appropriate than toni. I could spell it in a fancy way… Cherh. They could send me to the repair shop every so often; have the rough spots sanded off, then have me re-lacquered. It would be cheaper than Botox on these old wrinkles.

Of course writing this has made me feel foolish and I will end up apologising and paying the price for my anger. Do you ever have days like this? Curse whatever long lost relative gave me their Irish temper!

I finished the “Fave Things” quilt top and now I can actually send it off to Julie to be quilted. I’m glad it’s done, it’s been a time consuming (all-consuming?) project. I won’t upload any templates today, but will next week. I have a set of numerals for you too (as promised). Take care lovely people, I hope your weekend will be a good one. Mine’s looking shaky lol. I don’t think I’ll be getting a birthday cake. Love to all, toni xx

8 thoughts on “Birthday Sale!”

  1. I totally get it Toni. Same Irish temper here!
    Happy birthday! Celebrate by closing your bedroom door and telling your family to leave you alone lol

  2. Happy birthday.yes I suspect you and I arent the only ones that feel like part of the furniture. I feel the urge to scream/slap people all the time. Make them suffer by going away for your holiday on your own. Or hire someone to clean your house from top to bottom for your birthday and have your family pay. Dont take it lying down

  3. Toni, we all have those moments with our families. That’s where forgiveness comes in. In spite of all, I pray you have a memory making birthday!

  4. Happy birthday and be gentle with yourself. Getting angry is part of being human. Your patterns make me smile too and that’s getting harder and harder to accomplish so congratulate yourself!

  5. Happy Birthday, Toni!! Don’t be too hard on yourself….everybody has a bad day. I hope you get that birthday cake. You deserve it.

  6. We all have “melt down moments” don’t beat yourself up.
    It’s hard work raising children and working!
    Your quilts are fantastic and I look forward to a new block every week.
    Take care, Sally

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