Theft and Refunds.

Hi lovelies, I had a message on Etsy this morning, it read as follows –

Your ideal resolution: refund Note for seller: Hello,
I’m requesting a refund. I thought I was purchasing a unique, and original quilt pattern. I was disappointed to find an advertisement for a bedding set including pillow covers with the exact pattern. The bedding set is listed at I don’t feel comfortable using the pattern.
Thank you,

I’m not ‘outing’ the person who messaged me, that’s not my intention. However I can’t be held responsible for these rogue companies. They are prolific and even though they frequently have ‘local’ addresses, if you delve just below the surface they are usually located in a country that doesn’t abide by international copyright laws. I sent a cease and desist notice to this company this morning and their email address is fake, it bounced right back at me.

I spend several hours a week sorting out this kind of thing. I get demands for refunds for the actual products even though I don’t sell them, have not licenced them, and have nothing to do with the companies who do sell them. Frequently complaints are lodged with Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal which are a nightmare to untangle.

Occasionally I get messages requesting refunds for patterns, like this one, because a customer thinks I’ve stolen my own designs.

Please do not buy from these companies. I cannot and will not be held responsible for their unlawful business practices. I cannot refund money I didn’t earn in the first place. I do not licence my products to anyone. This is theft in two ways – theft of the original designs and then theft from me in the form of time and lost income. If a copyright complaint is lodged with Etsy they will shut down my store even if the complaint is unjust. There is only so much I can do to combat this type of theft. The reality is, in the end, it’s a fight that can’t be won.

Thanks for all your good wishes this week, I do appreciate it. I’m starting to feel better, still a bit foggy headed and wobbly on my feet but otherwise on the mend. Much love to all, toni xx

3 thoughts on “Theft and Refunds.”

  1. I hope you are able to receive proper compensation for all the work you do. It is a shame that someone would try to cheat such a generous person. You give far too much for free, and your patterns are more than reasonably priced, so I don’t get the need to cheat you. Hopefully the individual sending the email understands the situation after your explanation, and that in the end you are vindicated.

  2. I’ve noticed listings for several of these companies but anyone who knows anything about quilting should know that if you pay $57.45 for a handmade quilt, you are dreaming. Common sense should tell anyone that a deal too good to be true, really is too good to be true. Buyer—be ware! Keep up your good work, Toni.

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