My Fave Things + $5 Friday

Hi y’all, the next instalment of our Thermoweb sew-along is ready to go. You can find it on the sew-along page here. This week we have a hairy highland cow (or a bisen) or any other type of hairy, horned animal you wish to make it lol plus the word ‘wishes’.

As you know I was celebrating finishing my version of the quilt top and decided I needed to add an extra ten blocks. Well that ten blocks has increased to (21) blocks. I know, I’m bonkers. You do not have to make my huge version of this quilt. You can pick and choose your blocks, continue on with the 10 x 10 layout, or resize the blocks to suit a smaller quilt.

My quilt will now have an 11 x 11 layout. An extra row on the bottom and an extra row on the right-hand side. I need it to be symmetrical lol. I’ll let you know the border block size next week and give you the template.

We’ve now finished NINE rows! Yippee! Remember you don’t need to print the alphabet again, it was provided earlier in the quilt. You can join the blocks together as shown in the image below or you can use the templates to make your own version of the quilt. Please respect copyright and don’t sell patterns made with these blocks.

This week’s $5 Friday pattern is… Windy Hill Farm! You can find the digital PDF pattern in our online store here or in our Etsy store if you prefer.

The pattern will be on sale until end of business Monday AEST. Keep in mind the price may differ on your screen due to exchange rates and local taxes.

~ This week at red boots ~

Not much is happening this week – which is always a good thing around here lol – but we’re rushed off our feet. Life seems very busy. Our day starts at 5.30am and usually ends sometime around midnight. It’s just the usual day-to-day work, study, and chores (nothing special or out of the ordinary) but it seems so all-encompassing right now.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an ‘Alice’ from the Brady Bunch? if only for a short while! Take care lovelies, much love to all, toni xx

Dick Van Dyke is that you?

1 thought on “My Fave Things + $5 Friday”

  1. Hi Toni – I’m a bit behind on reading your blog/newsletter updates, so I’m just now seeing this post. I absolutely could use an Alice!! I have a rare disease that is really not fun to live with, so I can’t do most day to day chores, like cleaning or cooking, so a live-in maid would be the equivalent of winning the lottery for us!! 😆 💰 💵
    Anyway, I just have to ask you WHERE I can find the FABULOUS sloth block that’s up above?!? I don’t remember seeing it before now, but PLEASE tell me you have a pattern for it?? 🙏🏻 I’ll give you half of my live-in maid when I win the lottery in exchange!!! Might be hard since I’m in one AUS (Austin, Texas) and you’re in the other AUS, but I’ll just buy a plane with the rest of my lotto cash and problem solved!! 🦥 😘
    Hugs Toni – you’re the best!

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