My Fave Things plus $5 Friday

Hi y’all, the next instalment of our Thermoweb sew-along is ready to go. You can find it on the sew-along page here. This week we have a chubby penguin, a yellow submarine, and a happy little cactus plant.

I was celebrating finishing my version of the quilt top but then I realised I needed to add an extra row to balance out the placement of the wording. I hadn’t noticed until I hung it on the clothesline to air. Back to the drawing board and sewing machine for me! Bad news for me but y’all will get an extra ten blocks lol.

This one won’t be released as a pattern for the foreseeable future. If you would like me to print the templates for you I can, but I’ll have to charge printing and postage costs. I think all in all it will cost about AUD $25 which includes postage. Message me if you are interested and I’ll put your name on a wait list and contact you with a price when I’m ready to print and send.

This week’s $5 Friday pattern is… Home Sweet Gnome! You can find the digital PDF pattern in our online store here or in our Etsy store if you prefer.

The pattern will be on sale until end of business Monday AEST. Keep in mind the price may differ on your screen due to exchange rates and local taxes.

I’ve decided that the fairy tale pattern won’t be released in it’s sew-along entirety. If you are missing any instalments please contact me as soon as possible as I won’t be sending them out after the end of this month. The new ‘store’ pattern will be released later this year.

In non-quilty news, Rem and Spud are back on track to being healthy cats, thank goodness and fingers crossed. Both are responding well to their long term meds and are back to their usual demanding selves. If you are wondering, yes they are lead trained. We back on to an environmental corridor and we can’t let them roam or kill our precious wildlife.

Spring is trying it’s best to arrive, the nights and mornings are still cold but the days are much warmer. The garden is springing (haha) into life and the bees and butterflies are starting to appear in larger numbers. The macadamia nut trees and the lemon trees are their favourites.

I’ve managed to clear my desk this week and I’m ready to start some new projects (and to finish the sloth quilt promise). I’ve been thinking about Christmas (ssshhhh! pretend I didn’t mention the C word) and a new Christmas quilt. I’ll just add it to the list shall I? lol.

The weekend has come quickly again and with it the whole family. I made a giant chocolate cake yesterday, I was multi-tasking, and I turned the mixer on high without thinking. Flour and cocoa rained downed upon me, coating everything within a large radius including the kitchen light. I didn’t learn my lesson though, again without thinking, I added hot, melted butter and water. There’s nothing quite like chocolate cake batter in your hair, on the curtains, and just everywhere to make you stop multi-tasking and pay attention to the task at hand roflol. In the end chocolate cake was achieved. The worst of it was it was my turn to the clean up the kitchen!

Take care crafty ones, have a great weekend, keep your sewing machine and mixer on medium speed. Love to all, toni xx

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  1. Thanks for sharing your home & surrounds with us, I love learning about my favourite quilt makers & their lives. A few months ago I gave one of my pseudo granddaughters her own Paper Doll quilt (she calls it her friends blanket coz all her friends are on it) & tomorrow one of my other pseudo granddaughters is visiting & I hope for her to choose what pattern she wants, I have considered a few different patterns including My Favourite Things (which I love) but she is 6 & I am betting she’ll choose the Fairytale Qulit.

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