My Fave Things #24 plus more…

Hi y’all, the next instalment of our Thermoweb sew-along is ready to go. You can find it on the sew-along page here. This week we have a bowl of noodles, a cute little mouse in need of a house, and a mitten.

This week’s $5 Friday pattern is… Everybody Freeze! You can find the digital PDF pattern in our online store here or in our Etsy store if you prefer.

The pattern will be on sale until end of business Monday AEST. Keep in mind the price may differ on your screen due to exchange rates and local taxes.

You can also make the quilt using brown fabric, turning the polar bears into teddy bears or brown bears. Works the same and is just as cute!

Thanks to everyone who filled out my survey, it has helped immensely. Also, thank you for keeping it kind and helpful. I’ll talk about the responses below, address a few things, and then let’s get back to sewing.

It’s a 50/50 split on the newsletter and Facebook as the best source of info and updates. Basically, continue what I’m doing, which is fine by me. I will keep updating them plus Instagram and the blog/website. Keep in mind that you may miss notifications of sales etc. because of way social media companies update their timelines. I usually get notifications three days after the sales finish grrr! Consider signing up for the newsletter if you haven’t already. I do not spam you.

85% of you prefer digital PDF patterns for a variety of reasons. This is great, it makes life simple and I don’t need to worry about shipping costs. For those of you who prefer printed, I totally understand I’m a bit partial to them myself, so they will always be on offer. Postage costs are included in the cost of the printed patterns btw.

Some of you stated that you didn’t like joining templates and that’s why you purchase printed patterns. With the bigger templates there is always going to be the need to join them, it’s not economical to send larger sheets of paper I’m afraid. Sorry guys. I’ll try and keep any joins as simple as I can and to a minimum.

70% of you prefer to make quilts and are happy to resize to suit your needs. 25% prefer to make soft toys, with the remainder split between bags, wall-hangings, snack mats, and other items. Thanks for all the great suggestions, so many of them are already on my to-do list and I get the point, hurry up and finish the sloth quilt lol. I promise it’s next on the sewing table, these sew-alongs take so much out of me, they are a huuuuge amount of work.

90% of you are enjoying the sew-alongs. A few of you have said you haven’t seen them, or don’t know where to find them. This year’s sew-along can be found under the “My Favourite Things” heading in the menu. It’s a collection of eclectic blocks/templates. You can make my quilt or you can use the blocks in your own projects. These templates will remain free and I will be adding to them even when this quilt/sew-along is finished.

The sew-alongs from previous years are now paid patterns. I always give fair notice when they are changing from free to paid so you can download any instalments you are missing. To everyone who is waiting on me for the fairy tale templates they missed, please be patient, I haven’t forgotten you, time is just flying right now.

Why do I add a Kofi donation button to my sew-along and freebies page? I don’t get paid to do the sew-alongs. Thermoweb kindly sends me a few freebies during the year but I’m not paid a fee. I’m happy with this but they are a huge amount of work and I appreciate it when somebody pops a couple of dollars in the kitty to help pay for my costs. Thank you and kissy hugs to everyone who does support me via Kofi. xx

Lastly, content. Okay, you gave me a enormous belly laugh when some of you said continue whining. That was the best response and one I didn’t expect lol. I expected to be chided, which has happened before lol. Honestly I’m driving myself insane with it right now, but you know, I just need a holiday, a new house, and a teeny bit more therapy lol.

Breaking it down… step-by-step sewing and applique tutorials got the most votes followed closely by sales and special offers. A good portion of you said that there was enough of this kind of thing (videos and tutorials) on the internet already and I’m there with you from my point of view. I understand though that there are many of you who don’t know the ins-and-outs of it all so I will set up a new menu page and work out the best way to do it so everyone benefits and isn’t overwhelmed by more ‘content’.

I do appreciate that a lot of suggestions include tutorials or tips on how to sew the smaller shapes, placement, colour choices etc. I can do that but give me time to catch up; let’s start looking at doing that in the later part of the year. I can show you more in progress, finishing, and quilting photos and info. I don’t quilt my own projects anymore, my shoulders aren’t up to it. I send my quilts to be quilted by the amazing Julie and her longarm machine. I’m a boring quilter and I like a really simple, loose-ish allover. I am not one for custom quilting I’m afraid, it’s just a personal preference. However I can show you close up photos of the quilts that still remain in my possession and the new ones that come through.

Other suggestions are more photos of customer quilts. I totally agree, I love seeing them myself, but it is terribly time consuming. Again I need to catch up or nab a local volunteer to do the computer work lol. Please do send me your photos, I will add them to my files and I will, when I get the time, upload them to the site.

Last but not least, more cat photos and more wildlife photos. I can easily add photos of the cats. When it comes to quilts and fabric they are always willing to add their fur to the mix or get in the way. No “I hate cats” or “stick to quilting” emails though okay. They aren’t fun, just scroll past lol.

As for wildlife, it’s abundant but elusive. I’ll do what I can. We drove past a koala the other day, but there were so many people on the side of the road taking photos we couldn’t add ourselves to the bedlam. How do you feel about giant hairy spiders that jump? Snakes, venomous and not, that slither; an abundance of water dragons, blue tongues, and possums. We have a lot of bandicoots but they are very, very elusive.

A huge carpet python on our back verandah. He was as thick as a man’s arm.

Dave the scrub turkey (do you remember Dave?) has reared his feathery head recently. We managed to chase him off after years of him decimating our gardens and building his nesting mounds in the yard. He sulkily rebuilt his nest further along the creek but he’s back. I heard the familiar scratching a week or so ago and sure enough he’s been at it again, all the compost, leaves, and plants are being scraped together in the name of baby turkeys. We love his ugly little booty to death but he’s about to be evicted to the creek again!

On that note, it’s bye from me. I’ve just about written a book lol. I’ve also been to the orchid nursery for supplies today (our long time elderly neighbour passed away leaving his giant orchid collection behind), plus a quick stop off at Ikea on the way home. It’s my daughters 22nd birthday tomorrow. I haven’t baked a cake yet lol. Take care everyone, love to all, toni xx

Dave the scrub (bush) turkey
Dave’s previous nesting mound.

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  1. I would like to print the pictures of al the items in My favorite things. Sort of like a table of contents. Could you make that list a page to print?

    1. Hi Donna, that’s a good idea. I will provide one when all of the templates have been released. I’ll make it so everyone can tick each block off so they don’t forget to download them. xx

  2. Really enjoyed that blog, your pics look so good, thanks so much for all your time and energy that goes into your blog

  3. Hi Toni, I really enjoy your emails. They are never boring and the only ones I read to the very end. Thank you.

  4. What a fun email. I look forward to each one, including the variety of pictures. Thank for all your time and hard work. 🤩

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