My Fave Things #23

Hi y’all, the next instalment of our Thermoweb sew-along is ready to go. You can find it on the sew-along page here. This week we have a tractor, a ghost, and a pirate.

I found the last of the blocks – I’d put them in storage when we had a house inspection. We didn’t realise our little storage shed had flooded during the last ‘rain event’ but thankfully they survived the water and mud.

Stitching noodles!

This week’s $5 Friday pattern is… The Kennel Club! You can find the digital PDF pattern in our online store here or in our Etsy store if you prefer. The Kennel Club is a truly gorgeous quilt, one of my top 10 favourites!

The pattern will be on sale until end of business Monday AEST. Keep in mind the price may differ on your screen due to exchange rates and local taxes.

I’m sure you would’ve come across a lot of talk in the media about the changes to social media algorithms recently. Everyone is demanding reels and videos and tik-toks (including Etsy). So many small businesses like mine are struggling to be seen and as sole traders (just us, no employees) find it near impossible to create our products and produce the required content.

I can’t change the algorithms or the way the world works but I can ask a few simple questions that will allow me to choose what works both for you and for me. If you would fill out the survey below I can then get back to doing what makes me happy – sewing and creating absurdly ridiculous quilts that seem to make people smile.

Have a great weekend everyone, take care, happy sewing, much love, , toni xx

Ps. I’m photo/video phobic, I really struggle with being photographed or filmed.

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