New Packaging + Postal Costs.

Hi y’all, well here we are again. Postage prices have skyrocketed and I’m back to square one. One pattern cost $17 to send to the US last week, another nearly $8 to send to Western Australia. So yet again, just to stay in business, changes need to be made over the coming weeks. With some patterns I’m actually making a loss by the time I take printing and postage costs plus listing and transaction fees from the purchase price.

Digital patterns will remain available at our affordable prices but there will be big changes to the way we ship printed patterns from here on in.

The issue we keep facing is not so much the weight of the pattern but the size of the envelope we are using.

The size of a traditionally packaged pattern using A4 / US letter size paper folded in half once is problematic. They are ridiculously expensive to send.

This style packaging will be mostly discontinued. More to follow. Wholesale patterns will continue to be packaged in this manner for the time being.

Patterns that have a lot of pages like the “Who’s at the Zoo” pattern will now be shipped flat in an A4 – US letter sized cellophane sleeve.

It will be cheaper to send the larger patterns this way but there are still postage price rises to factor in. I will try and keep things as affordable as possible. More to come.

All other patterns will be shipped tri-folded (see photos below). This is the only way to keep prices affordable. However you do get a larger photograph and I’ve managed to purchase DL sized cellophane sleeves. This way you will be able to purchase an affordable printed pattern not only with a larger photo, but it will also be protected from dust, pests, and the elements.

Everything else will remain the same. All templates will be full-sized, the patterns printed in colour etc. etc. Please message me or leave a comment if you have any questions.

I have explored many options and this is the best I can offer for printed patterns at present. I’m a member of multiple groups lobbying the Government for affordable postage and have been asked to speak at a meeting between MP’s and the Ombudsman to address same. I can probably offer Australian customers the traditional packaging for a little longer but that is something I need to explore further before I can commit to it. I’ll keep you updated in the coming weeks. It will take a while to update Etsy and the website (again). Thanks for your understanding, much love to all, toni xx