My Favourite Things #19

Hi y’all, the next instalment of our Thermoweb sew-along is ready to go. You can find it on the sew-along page here. This week I’ve uploaded a train with steam engine, tender, and carriage.

I’ve spent the week working out postage solutions. It’s been a constant battle to keep one step ahead of the postal changes these past couple of years. You know the famous line from Citizen Kane… “Rosebud”? Well on my deathbed I will be whispering, in a very dramatic fashion of course, “AusPost” roflol.

I’ve also been playing about with these sleepy sloths, trying to get the vibe right. They are proving to be difficult but I won’t be beaten lol. I’m really enjoying sewing and creating again.

Rem and Spud are still on the mend, we’re very pleased with their progress and both are looking good and relatively back to their normal selves. A big thank you to everyone who suggested trying transdermal meds, they have saved us, and the cats, a whole lot of stress and turmoil. The transdermal meds aren’t used as much in Australia as they could be, mainly because they are extremely expensive. I’ll just have to work harder lol.

I’ll leave you here for today. I’m hoping, really hoping to be able to share more with you in the coming months. Hints and tips, new patterns, and products. Thermoweb has some great new products, plus the wool pressing mats that Dominica shared with us/me. I love the big one that sits under the sewing machine especially, it dampens the noise and allows me to sew and not annoy the rest of the family lol. I have some new stockists too, I just need to add their details to the stockists page of the site. So much to do so very little time! Have a great weekend everyone, much love, happy sewing, toni xx

5 thoughts on “My Favourite Things #19”

  1. Thank you Toni! Glad to hear your babies are on the mend.
    I did notice the background of one of the sloths was upside down. I am thinking how fun it would be to have the whole block placed upside down in the quilt! Like he’s hanging down in the tree or maybe marching to his own drum in life! Mr. Independence! Laurel

    1. Hiya Laurel, he was originally intended to be hanging upside down :o) it worked in my head but it looks a little strange in the quilt. I’m working on ways to still incorporate him, I’ll eventually get it right lol. xx

  2. Thank you so much for the blocks just love how these link together
    how many will there be altogether?

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