My Favourite Things #16

Hi y’all, the next instalment of our Thermoweb sew-along is ready to go. You can find it on the sew-along page here. This week I’ve uploaded the templates for a cupcake and the letters that spell ‘Hope‘. You don’t need to print the alphabet again, it’s the same one you downloaded for the word ‘Love’.

We’ve finished the blocks for the first five rows. I’m not sure how we got this far so quickly, I had to go back and check I hadn’t missed anything lol. You can join the blocks together as shown in the image below if you are making my version of the quilt. 

I’ve been remaking Pink Piggy Farm. I had six or seven sample quilts go ‘missing’ in the post during the absolute chaos that was the first half of the Covid pandemic. I finished the borders last night and now it’s ready to be quilted by the lovely Julie. Next on the list is the sloth quilt.

Both Spud and Rem are on the mend. We nearly lost both our boys within weeks of each other. Spud to a completely blocked urinary tract and Rem to a ‘thyroid storm’ coupled with a severe asthma attack. I swear it’s this wet, soggy weather, the pet insurance people said they have a massive uptick in claims recently. We’re on the mend too, Covid has finally left the building :o)

Have a fabulous week everyone, I hope you manage to fit in some sewing time! Much love, toni xx

2 thoughts on “My Favourite Things #16”

  1. I love Pink Piggy Quilt. I also Love your fabric choices. Did you use a collection?

    1. Hi Connie, thanks for your lovely message. I didn’t use a full collection, but mostly mixed solid cottons with Tula Pink’s True Colours dots and spots, Sue Spargo’s Colour Wall, and another called Create by Riley Blake Designs. I hope this helps, toni xx

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