The Plague is upon us…

Hi lovelies, well the plague has finally hit the Red Boots household with hubby testing positive to Covid tonight.

All things considered, I’ll probably come down with it next. I have a suspiciously scratchy throat and feel a bit nauseous (though a negative test so far). I have no idea where he picked it up but thankfully we’re vaxxed and boosted.

This week’s ‘My Favourite Things’ update may not happen, it depends on how we fare. I’m hoping we get a mild dose *fingers and toes crossed*.

I’ll try and get the update done earlier this week, I’ll let you know as soon as I can. I hope y’all have a better week than the one that we’re about to experience lol. Much love, toni xx

9 thoughts on “The Plague is upon us…”

  1. Thinking of you. Husband and daughter got it a few weeks ago. Both mild. I didn’t get it somehow!. Weird. How are the kitties 😻

    1. I’m hoping for mild Karen. Glad to hear your hubby and daughter were mild cases. It’s a very weird virus, lots of friends have been in same situation, one getting it and the other not despite not worrying too much about quarantining from each other. Rem’s ear needs draining again but I can’t get to the vet (Covid!) and Spud is up and down but generally doing well. Sedation/relaxation meds at night seem to be the trick. xxx

  2. Oh NO! Sorry to hear that thank goodness you are vaccinated! Wishing your hubby a very mild case and a speedy recovery and I hope you do not test positive at all. Have a Blessed Day!

  3. Please take care of your health! Know we love your creativity and know that your health and family come FIRST! Praying for god’s healing grace to come into your home 🏡❣️😢🥺

  4. Please take care of yourself and hubby!! Hope all goes well and it is just a mild case for both of you. Hugs!!!

  5. Take care of yourselves and here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for both of you.

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