Suddenly Monday.

Hello gorgeous people, it’s Monday again. How did it get to be? The nervous breakdown continues, I can’t believe I told everyone off last week, oops & lol.

Spud is on the mend thank goodness. We’ve devised a treatment plan & so far so good. We need to get him started on kitty anti-depressants now. Not sure how to get them down him yet, but we’ll work it out.

We (the whole family) got a very big lesson in burning the candle at both ends over the Easter break. We’ve been working, studying & volunteering on a seven day a week basis for too long.

There’s nothing like chronic sleep deprivation (thanks Spud) to push you to the edge & make you reassess. We’ve made the decision to cut back, but boy the guilt is strong.

I received some fabulous fabric this week. If you’re after amazing brights, the new ‘Colour Wall’ range by Sue Daley is the one to buy.

OMG it will fulfill your every colour need. Go forth and stock up! It’s selling fast!

If you love flannel like me you can’t go past Woolies Flannels (Maywood Studio). The colours are always amazing & I stock up at every chance.

It can be hard to source flannel in Australia, but the Missouri Star Quilt Company in the US has a fantastic range – good price, good postage rates. I may have bought some to add to my collection lol.

My new favourite range is More Pie by Dana Willard. It has all those autumnal (fall) colours I adore.

This one is for me. I may have to just admire it for a bit longer, I don’t want to cut into it and destroy it’s perfection lol.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had a long weekend to sleep & catch up with everything. Bliss!

I’ll be back on Thursday with the next blocks in our sew-along. Take care everyone, much love, toni xx

7 thoughts on “Suddenly Monday.”

  1. We first place our kitty’s daily med inside an empty gelatin capsule to disguise its awful taste (its a steroid, which are known to taste bad) and then put the capsule in some Churu, which is a liquid treat that he slurps up happily, pill and all. Actually, ALL of my cats go absolutely bonkers over it, and from what I’ve read, that’s a common response! Not sure if you can get it in Australia but I order it from Amazon.
    Another trick I have is to rub a little oil or butter on the pill or capsule. Helps it go down easily!
    So happy to hear that things have settled down there and that both kitties are happy! Hope things continue to get better. Big hugs from here!
    – Peggy

  2. Last week I took care of my neighbor’s Fur Baby (cat) She had to have a pill twice a day.
    Needless to say, I couldn’t get her to take it. So I crushed it and mixed a little of her wet
    food, put it on the top center of her food and Eureka it worked. Hope this helps you with

  3. Just take a deep breath and give it to god❣️We understand stress and venting sew don’t fret over it please know we are all good and you just take your time❣️😹😹😹

  4. I know how bad it can be when you’re not getting enough sleep and I’m happy to know thing are getting better. You can buy a product called pill poppers from greenies that work great for my dogs – I’m not sure how cats would do with them but definately worth a try. Have a blessed day

  5. When I had to give a pill to my cat daily I bought a “pill shooter”. You just put the pill in, pry open the cat’s mouth, push the plunger, and it goes down his/her throat. Seldom comes back out. Good luck! Cats can be a real challenge to give medicine to.

  6. Everyone needs to take a rest if you are running on low batteries, or replace them. I don’t know that we have the ability to replace them for energy to be restored so yea, take some time each day and do nothing or just sit and pet your kitty. I’m sorry I haven’t been ‘talking’ much because I have fallen behind in everything and for the past three weeks, I’ve been trying each day to regain my lead in the race I have created in my everyday life. LOL There is no race. I go nowhere anymore because of my health but, hubby finally found a job, so it has changed my entire daily routine on some things. But, he is thrilled because it has been a VERY long 2 yrs since he lost his job with that stupid COVID mess. I know he’s concerned about me, but hopefully all will be fine.

    But, I have been reading about your kitty and have hoped all would be better. I was worried each time I got an email from your blog to go open and read it.
    Hugs ~

  7. Glad to hear Spud is doing better. Have you tried smoked salmon, our lot will just about kill for it. Probably hide the taste a but as well. Of course you may never be able to get him to eat anything else

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