My Favourite Things #10

Hi y’all, the next instalment of our Thermoweb sew-along is ready to go. You can find it on the sew-along page here. This week I’ve uploaded the templates for a slice of watermelon, an orange, and a bunny.

Can you believe we’ve finished the first three rows – 30 blocks – of the sew-along already!? Boy has this year flown. If you want you can join the blocks together now or you can wait until the end of the sew-along. Of course if you are making your own version of the quilt, do what you need to do lol.

Spud is doing okay, not 100% but not struggling. We are taking one day at a time, it seems the only thing we can do at the moment. Rem has decided to go out in sympathy and he now has a huuuuge aural haematoma. Lordy, Lordy!

We’re all super tired (several 2am and 3am vet visits) and more than a little emotional. Hopefully we’ll have a good weekend and get to sleep and rest.

Thanks for all your well-wishes again. A quick note about our neighbour for newbies to the blog – we’ve reported him to the police and everything in between. This is a long-standing neighbourhood problem. He’s violent and unstable. I had a chuckle on the weekend, no-one much cares that he threatens to harm my family but he got too close to our (other) neighbour’s two new Mercedes Benz and all hell broke loose roflol. Maybe I should glue wheels to my under-carriage roflol.

I have no idea what I did with this quilt… I’ll find it eventually.

Despite the dramas of the past few months (years, decades lol) I’m feeling quite good about quilting/sewing again. There is a spark of enthusiasm that hasn’t been there for a while. I’m going to take it slowly, bit by bit, seam by seam, and see how it goes. I have some great new fabric, some great new products from Therm-o-Web and a whole bunch of new ideas.

Miss Janome isn’t sewing so well despite her service so I will be saving up for a new machine – once I pay for the vet bills roflol.

I know I said in an earlier post that I don’t live and breathe quilting… well that’s true, I don’t, but I love it all the same. I love fabric, I love the way you can turn scraps of fabric into a beautiful, textural object you can use. I LOVE that you can USE them. So yeah, I don’t live and breathe quilting but I LOVE it all the same.

On that note, I’ll leave you and go and tackle dinner. Science fiction promised me I would have a dinner pill by now… you know put the pill in the microwave, turn it on, and magically you have a full meal. I feel completely ripped off. Star Trek, where’s my replicator!

Read on for some updates re patterns and postage etc. There are a few small issues popping up. Take care everyone, much love, toni xx

There are a few things that I need to address this week. There have been a number of complaints lately because I don’t draw the template pieces in separate individual components – they overlap instead.

I work to industry standard and at present it’s just not feasible or financially viable to draw individual, separated pieces. I’m sorry.

Secondly, and this one just flabbergasts me… ‘the packaging doesn’t dazzle me’. Okay to be blunt we are not 10 years old, an envelope shouldn’t need to dazzle anyone. It’s an envelope.

Lastly despite Covid being off the front pages of our newspapers we are still in a pandemic and our postal systems – Australia Post, USPS, Royal Mail to name a few – are still struggling. The USPS has recently issued notifications re substantial delays within the US again.

Please be patient, message me, and we’ll sort it all out to the best of our ability. Please remember that postal delays can’t be helped and are completely and utterly out of our control. Sorry for being a grouch but it’s been a bit ridiculous lately. xx

4 thoughts on “My Favourite Things #10”

  1. Hi Toni – I’m a wee bit behind in my Red Boot blog reading!! I hope your fancy high-end neighbors have somehow managed to get Crazy Angry Guy to move away??!
    I’m so sorry to read (again) about the utterly ridiculous and childish behavior of some people that may call themselves “quilters,” but in no way reflect the usual loving, kind and giving spirit of Quilters. Just keep calling them out and refusing to bend to their ridiculous, entitled, insulting demands! If we all aren’t willing to start telling these people to Get Back in Line, then I fear these types of problems will just continue to worsen everywhere until we have nothing left but a ruined, polluted planet with an entitled and completely clueless population. Omg, just realized I’m describing and predicting a future like in the movie Wall-E!! Lord, save us from ourselves!
    Big, giant hugs from the other side of this crazy world,

    1. Thanks for your kindness Peggy, it’s very much appreciated. I thoroughly agree with you, humanity needs to pull its socks up pretty darn quick. We’re our worst enemies.
      Nasty neighbour is still entrenched next door :o/
      His latest revenge is to urinate off the balcony onto the driveway below, I’m so done with him. I’m not sure how a human being gets to be like this, none of us (the neighbourhood) have ever done anything to him to deserve it. He’s plain straight out crazy :o/

  2. Typical pets! Everyone has to get in on the Vet! When I got a hip replacement Snowy the dog hurt his paw – um…..excuse me…but still I had to share the love and care on offer – just as well I love him! Hope Spud picks up and Rem stops feeling the need to try being injured!

  3. Toni, thank you for sharing your creativity so generously. It saddens me to hear of so many who get their jollies from feeling entitled. I am sure no matter who they do business with, they will find something to criticize. They can do business elsewhere. As far as the pastor, she is on a slippery slope and will have to answer to her boss (Jesus) some day.

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