My Favourite Things – Rest Week

Hello everyone, how are you all this week? I’m sorry about my very public nervous breakdown last week. I always did wear my heart on my sleeve – plus some!

We’ve been through so much over the past 10 years, it’s not surprising the cracks are showing. We’re in good spirits, just dealing with a lot.

This week I won’t be updating the “My Favourite Things” sew-along. I’ll be back with new blocks next week.

Spud-the-Kitty had emergency surgery a couple of days ago. We nearly lost him. Our sweet boy is home again but he’s not out of the woods. The next few days will tell, however we are hopefully optimistic about his recovery.

I’m going to take things slowly over the next few weeks. My brain simply refuses to work properly when I’m overwhelmed and I am overwhelmed with a capital O.

We are still being threatened with harm by our neighbour and this above all is driving us over the edge. His threats include setting me alight and it scares the heck out of all of us.

I received some amazing fabric from the Missouri Star Quilt Company today, including some gorgeous flannel which I adore. I’ll take some piccies during the week. It’s lovely!

Take care y’all. Much love to everyone, toni xx

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  1. Do you have a security system? Outdoor video cameras so you have evidence of his transgressions? That’s what I would do in this case.

    1. Yup. The police ‘lost’ several years of footage including multiple death threats, him nearly setting our house on fire etc. etc. I’ve never been anti-police, but I’ve lost a LOT of respect over the past few years. They just aren’t interested. However they might show some interest after this weekend, he’s been messing with our (other) neighbour’s two brand new Mercedes Benz lol.

  2. So sorry to hear about Spud’s complications. Awful to hear about your neighbour..i trust you have contacted the police with regard to this. Not nice especially with all your dealing with. Take care Judy.

    1. Constantly and endlessly. The police have been less than helpful. The Court wants to mediate when everyone involved knows that’s impossible. When it comes to the law there is very little they can do which is what we see in domestic violence situations (which is how all this started, him and his now deceased partner). Violence wise things are a whole lot better, psychologically it’s much worse. We’re not the only ones suffering of course, our other neighbours take turns at taking the abuse. He hates women, so he picks on the women in the street a lot – more so than the men. xx

  3. Lots of your friends are praying for you, including me. God bless you and protect you from your enemies. lol

  4. Whoa, and threatening that doesn’t get the police on to him!. Poor Spud – hoping for his quick recovery

  5. So very sorry Toni. Of course you would be & entitled to be a nervous wreck living next to THAT threat .and then having trouble with your cute cat. Our pets are important in our lives. Hope he’s soon on the mend!:)

    1. Thanks Judy. It’s never knowing from day to day what’s going to be next. He steals our mail too which is difficult. The last police officer laughed, called him a larrikin, and said he had stacks of mail at his house that didn’t belong to him. He laughed at it!!! In the meantime he was on our doorstep trying to blackmail us to give us back our mail. Grrrr.

  6. I love your patterns and I pray you find peace with your neighbor. Make him a quilt

  7. Toni, Please take care of yourself and Spud. Try to destress, if possible. Sending lots of hugs and love to you. You are in my thoughts and prayers for all that you are going through.

  8. You are a beautiful person and you deserve better more especially from others. When it’s a neighbour your stuck with their crap. You can’t win either way. I speak from experience. Ignore them is all you can do to keep your sanity. Seriously. My life experience living with an incurable, debilitating disease that effects everything in my life. I have 47 years where I have had to come to terms with it. I had a full stroke event at 25, lost every part of my body. At 43 lost all cognitive, nothing in my body but shower myself sitting on bath. In my 50’s excruciating nerve pain, all day and night. No life. Hardly any friends to stick by me. And apparently the one child I almost died having finds we’re not good enough the last 4 years +
    The only reason I am telling you all this is I have learned beyond doubt that you and the ones you love and who love you are the most important thing in life. Not all the other s—t. STRESS is the worst trigger for most illnesses and only the really important stuff/people is worth it.
    Have a wonderful break. x

  9. Toni- I am so sorry that you have such a terrible neighbor. Trying to live normally with all that must be horrifying. I don’t know what I can do for you other than wish you peace and comfort and virtual hugs. Can you get a restraining order from your local authorities?

    1. The authorities offered us the opportunity to sign a ‘neighbourhood restraining order’ but we were also advised that it would probably make things worse and that he could still taunt, abuse, and threaten us from the safety of his property without recourse. Most of our neighbours declined because they didn’t want to put themselves and their kids at further risk. This guy is a weirdo.

  10. Im so sorry you are going through so much right now. Please know that this happens to us all at one time or another, and we,your many fans,are sending you soothing and calming prayers and giant hugs! We will be here waiting when you are able to come back stronger than ever!!

  11. plein de courage à vous
    prenez du magnésium – vous verrez vous vous sentirez mieux
    plein de bonnes choses de la France

  12. Sending you much love and good thoughts (& doggy kisses from my fur baby). Good self care is always important and we won’t mind you looking after yourself this week.
    I can’t imagine living with such an awful neighbour… must be horrible!
    Keep smiling!

    1. It’s a terrible strain, we never know what’s going to come next. He’s nearly set the house on fire twice (our house). He jumped the fence and set one of our other’s neighbours garden waste alight using petrol. He didn’t like the look of it so he just torched it and left. It’s a nightmare!

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