Easter Freebies

Hi y’all, I totally forgot to tell you that there are some free Easter patterns on the website. Duh! They are super easy to make too. You can click on the photos to be taken to the freebies page where you can download the files.

A note about the Easy Bunny Bags – they are easy to make, but some folk are disappointed that their fabric ears don’t stand up stiff and pert. Interfacing helps, but the only way to make them stand up fully is to insert a piece of wire or chenille craft sticks into the ear. I’ve tried the chenille sticks and they do work, just be careful with the sharp ends. You are very welcome to experiment of course. If you do find a simple, workable solution please share with us!

We’re Going on an Egg Hunt – bags.

Little Pocket Bunnies.

Cottontail Bunnies Placemat – Snack Mat.

Easy Bunny Bags.

You can find more Easter bunny patterns in our store. As always they are easy and quick to make. Get 30% off the digital patterns this week to celebrate the Easter holiday. Click on the photos to be taken to the product page. They are also on special in our Etsy store.

Scrappy Bunnies.

Snuggle Bunnies.

The Carrot Club.

The Bunny Bunch.

Thanks for your kind messages this week, I appreciate it. Take care happy crafters, toni xx

5 thoughts on “Easter Freebies”

  1. Re stiffer bunny ears: how about that foam (Annie’s Stiff Stuff) that’s so easy to sew through and keeps bags standing up? Yes, it can be washed as far as I know.

    1. I have never come across it before, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll go looking for it and give it a try. I’ve used felt instead of wadding in mine and it does help, but the ears will never have the rigidity that comes with plastic or commercial bags. xx

      1. Actually, I think I gave you the wrong name-it’s Annie’s Soft & Stable. Wonderful product. We have to be so careful of hard items that might hurt the child: Eyes, mouth, etc.

        Hoping you had a blessed Easter.

        I do enjoy your emails with attending flora, fauna & family..

        Sewing with a smile…

    2. I use either Pellon FF77 (Flex Foam) or ByAnnie Soft & Stable to get the ears on my stuffed animals to stand up. Easy to sew thru, as D Kirk mentioned, and it washes too. That’s what I buy here in the States, so I’m not sure what the equivalent is over there.
      Hope you are well, Toni!

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