My Favourite Things #8

Hi y’all, the next three blocks of our Thermoweb sew-along are ready to go. You can find them on the sew-along page here. This week we have a fish, a burger, and a snail. These are blocks #21, #26, and #27.

Blocks #22, #23, #24, and #25 spell out the word ‘Love’ and will be provided with the full alphabet next week.

I had a hankering to tinker around with robots this week… I’ve wanted to re-visit the robot quilt for some time. I wasn’t given the opportunity to play around with them when I was doing the book – time restraints and a publisher who was about to enter administration. I’ve always wanted to try Freddy Moran’s “red as a neutral” philosophy too!

Miss Janome has finally been packed up and sent to the techs *yay*. She desperately needed an oil bath – the high humidity has caused some rust! I hope she’ll be home tomorrow, my fingers are crossed but I’m yet to receive a notification text. Wish us a speedy reunion. Take care y’all, c u next week, much love, toni xx

17 thoughts on “My Favourite Things #8”

  1. Toni I love that you own your quirkiness and good on you for posting what you want. Your quilts reflect your fun approach to life. You post what you want…….if people don’t want to read it they can scroll away or tune out. Go girl. PS I love your fun quilt ideas

  2. WHY are some people so freely crappy to others??! I just don’t get it. For one thing, IT’S QUILTING PEOPLE NOT LIFE OR DEATH!!!! And if you don’t like Toni’s way of doing things, then MOVE ALONG!! I love your stories and funny blurbs, your pics (especially of outside!!) and your words on the hard stuff. I love all of it because I love your personality, so please please please don’t stop being your genuine self!!!! ❤️ Big hugs from the States

  3. I haven’t been a blog follower of your for very long. I have not found any content that I do not like. I agree with other comments, it’s your blog, write about what you want. If people can’t be positive and just scroll on past, then just ignore them. No one has just one facet in their life. Many facets make a whole, so talk about your whole life. I will read about it and enjoy the parts that I like.

  4. I appreciate the time you spend providing patterns. I totally dislike people who jump on blog writers for the content of their posts. It is your blog write what makes you happy. That is why there is a scroll button. Please keep being true to who you are.

  5. Toni, your blog is so much fun to read i really look forward to reading what is coming next, and all the effort that you put into your work and blog keep smiling THANK YOU

  6. Toni, I love your quilts and toys They make me smile every time. I am experiencing some not so great health issues. Nothing too serious. Just painful and annoying. I love that you share some of who you are with us. I appreciate that you are real and that you don’t pretend to always have it all together. You are my kind of person keep being who you are and sharing parts of your daily life with us all.

  7. Hi Toni, I love all the different subjects you cover and seeing photos of everything that’s happening with you, seeing your beautiful cats and even the scary wildlife, haha.
    Why can’t people just scroll past or go and follow someone who just spends their life quilting if they’re not happy with what you post?
    Sorry, I’m getting old and grumpy, but love seeing your quilts, I love the quilts I have that I’ve made from your patterns and please continue to post photos of whatever you like and tell us about anything that you’re up to. Big hugs xx

  8. Sorry some folks are not interested in being part of a community. Also sorry for folks who can just scroll by without saying something unkind. When my nephew was about five, he was playing with his super hero action figures. I overheard him voicing Spider-Man to say to his cohorts, “If you can’t say something nice, shut-up.” Seems he learned the lesson (without the nuance) that so many don’t follow these days.

  9. Toni, I just wanted to say that I think your emails are fine just the way they are!! I love quilting too, but my life is not about quilting. I have a husband, grandkids, a house & yard to take care of, and a good bit of humor is especially needed in this day and age!!! Thanks for always giving us something to laugh about, as well as some cute and adorable things to sew!! I have my own life – I don’t need to live vicariously through anyone else, but reading about the lives of others from around the world is fun and interesting! I learn so many new things!!! 🙂 Be yourself and don’t let the “Karens” of the world tell you otherwise!! If you can’t be you, who would be??? LOL!!! Thanks for the great patterns and the learning and laughter! It’s all well worth it!

  10. You can’t please everyone so make sure you please yourself. You have the perfect solution—don’t like it? Don’t read it! I find it totally acceptable to be crotchety.

  11. I love your transparency. You have created a quilting family and there are some people who you can never please. It’s a waste of time and energy. Your quilt are fun and happy creations. Thanks for all you do. Don’t stop being your genuine self. Those who have issues with that can unsubscribe and go elsewhere.

  12. I love the idea of “At your Table” I love the expanded blog, I like the eye candy of quilts & anything fabric related but I also enjoy the extras, the furry family, your kids (if they allow) your Star Trek cake excited me, I wanted to see a photo of that. Unload your stresses too, a prob shared is a prob halved (at least).
    All the best,

  13. Great idea to keep all happy . Certainly I enjoy reading all but I guess some don’t.

  14. Toni, I enjoy your posts of your family plus quilts, just keep on being you, Alison

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