Tuesday update.

Hi y’all, how have you all been?

This month I’ve been working on condensing the templates of the fairytale quilt and I’ve realised that I made quite a few mistakes. I’m sorry, I don’t normally do that. Obviously we all make mistakes but I’m usually very good at picking them up and correcting them before the pattern is published. If you do come across what you think is an error in a pattern please (politely) let me know so I can check it out and correct it if necessary.

Also I’ve only just noticed that I when I attached the final star border to my own quilt, I sewed the stars completely askew. I didn’t notice when I sent it off to be quilted. Heck I didn’t even notice when it came back from being quilted lol.

Gosh I hate this quilt! I still haven’t finished binding the thing or adding the eyes lol. Should a creator – I don’t like the word designer, I’m not a designer I just make things – admit to that?

I’m slowly getting back to work. It’s taking time and considering a month ago I very nearly closed the doors on Red Boots, I think that’s okay. I won’t be accepting any unpaid personal or corporate commissions or requests this year – last year was ridiculous and I have a problem saying no. Maybe I shouldn’t admit to that… lol.

The ‘happy quilts’ to-do list is long and I have so many new projects and half-finished projects I would like to share with you, but I got very overwhelmed in the second half of 2021 – hence the mistakes! I don’t want to go there again. No sympathy or anything wanted or needed, it’s a plain fact that I took on too much because I like to please people. The story of my life really lol.

Ps. I’m very pleased to say that me not feeling well last week was completely down to overwork and a reaction to the flu shot I had (I went and got probed for Covid to make sure)! Of course instead of resting I volunteered to help someone replant 600-ish pot plants. Like I said I can’t say no. I can be a very stubborn, stupid, workaholic sometimes.

Take care of yourselves okay, don’t be me! ha ha ha! Much love, toni xx

6 thoughts on “Tuesday update.”

  1. I love your patterns. I also was a major volunteer especially in Girl Scouts, however I have finally learned to sit on my hands when the words “I need a voluneer” are said. Good luck and keep creating/designing.

  2. That quilt is exquisite and only Jesus was perfect ❣️🥰🥰 You are looking at it thru the eyes of the artist that you are. Each and every quilt turns out the way it’s supposed to ❣️ We are never satisfied with how they turn out we see all the faults and then are unsatisfied with how it turned out. But others only see the beauty of our work❣️🥰🥰🥰

  3. This week I sewed the binding and the button eyes on my Northern Exposure quilt. I love it! This one is for me. I wish you could see it. Thank you for designing it.

  4. Oh Toni,
    You made me smile and chuckle this morning! Love you and your patterns! Take care, Char

  5. I hear you. I always put my hand up too and then wonder why later?
    You should be enjoying your creating … love all your fun patterns. 🤗

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