My Favourite Things #5

Hi y’all, the next three blocks of our Thermoweb sew-along are ready to go. You can find them on the sew-along page here. This week we have a monkey, a bubble car, and a rainbow.

If you haven’t been on the site since last week you can see that it’s changed quite dramatically. To cut a long story short the old website template was no longer supported (the second time this has happened in two years) and I had to migrate everything to a new template. This one should be easier to navigate etc.

If you find anything that doesn’t work or has a glitch let me know. I’ve tested, tested, and re-tested but tech being tech there is always a gremlin hiding somewhere.

I’ve added a feature to the home page of the shop called ‘Fast Search’. Clicking this link will take you to the catalogue page. This page has a photo-list of patterns currently available for both retail and wholesale. For retail purposes simply click on the photo of the project and it will take you to the store ‘add to cart’ page.

Wholesale customers still have to contact me via email. Don’t use the shop site to purchase patterns for wholesale purposes. The menu can also be accessed via the side bar under the heading “Catalogue~Wholesale”.

Snuggle Bunnies
Scrappy Bunnies
The Carrot Club

The “Snuggle Bunnies” pattern is now in-store and comes in two sizes. The ones shown are small, approx. 12in tall (not including their ears) and the big one is, well, big.

I’ve had a lot of requests for a smaller “Scrappy Bunnies” bunny so I’ve resized the templates and all new downloads will include those smaller templates. For all of you who so kindly purchased the pattern previously – simply reduce the templates to print at 85% and reduce the length of the legs, at the top edge, by about 1 1/2in to 2in. Nothing else has changed, same pattern, just a smaller template included.

To finish today I wanted to show you the Carrot Club bunnies that Vicki has made. Aren’t they fabulous! Vicki is a super talented quilter, craftswoman, and designer. I forgot to ask Vicki’s permission to share these on the website so I’m hoping it’s okay (silly me). You can find Vicki and her wonderful creations here. Take care everyone, much love to all, toni xx