Website is currently being updated.


Hi again! Well the family rallied around this morning and helped me get the site transferred to the new template and up and running again. Two days work was done in three hours with all of us tackling it. Phew! There are a few small things to fix but they aren’t urgent. It was the old store template that wasn’t working, a recent update removed half of the widgets I use and the whole site was a mess of conflicting code.

The new template is fresh and easy to navigate and should make life a lot easier for all of us. Let me know if you come across any glitches. I’m going to have a cuppa and a cherry ripe to celebrate, then I have three barrel cactus to replant. I’m not looking forward to the spiked fingers lol. I hope your weekend has been more fun than mine! Love to all, toni xx

5 thoughts on “Website is currently being updated.”

  1. I am so glad your family was able to help! What a relief to have it managed…Also what a pain in the patooty to have to fix it in the first place! <3

  2. i get the bouncing dots and then it goes to the website fine. I’ve downloaded recently also.

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