My Favourite Things #3

Hi y’all, it’s time for some good news, so here it is… the next three blocks of our Thermoweb sew-along are ready to go. You can find them on the sew-along page here. For those of you who are a bit worried about their randomness I promise they will come together into a bright, fun quilt; a panacea for everything wrong with the world right now.

There will be a full alphabet and I think, at this stage, numbers provided for you. You can spell out your own message, your children’s or grandchildren’s names and ages, or even the year if you want.

I’m a bit slow getting the bunny patterns up and running, the weather has just been crazy. We got hit by severe storms again this morning (me while I was driving someone to work). I’ll get them on the website and upload to Etsy as soon as I can. There will be a free egg hunting bag pattern too. Just give me a few days to re-organise myself. My head just isn’t where it’s supposed to be right now.

Remember these two quilts? It seems an age since I finished the tops and sent them off to be quilted. It’s been too soggy, overcast, and muddy to take photos but I’ll try this weekend. Julie did a brilliant job as usual. She humoured me and let me use an appropriately sized flannel sheet instead of standard wadding/batting in the middle of the sandwich. I am VERY pleased with the drape. They’re heavy but fluid, no stiffness like you can get with normal batting. The cat quilt pattern is available now, it’s called The Catnip Cats. The nine-patch scrap quilt will be written up soon.

Anyway, I’ll let y’all go. I was woken around 3am this morning by lightning and didn’t get back to sleep. It’s been another long day. If you can take a moment to donate to one of the many fundraising initiatives to help evac Ukrainian citizens please do. I could run a fundraiser myself but the less links in the money chain there are, the more money gets to the people who need it. Take care everyone, much love to all, toni xx

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  1. Hi Toni – so glad that you and your family are safe. The trip to pick up your girls at the start of the rainstorm sounds horrifying!! Oh I would have been a mess of emotions!
    Love your updated quilts!! I have the Catnip quilt pattern (of course I do! I have most of them!) but haven’t made it yet. I love the mice on your quilt! They seem to be quite unfazed at being surrounded by all those cats!! 🙂
    Stay safe!

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