Wet bunnies.

Hello everyone! How has your week been? As most of you know it’s been a wild ride here in SE Queensland. Last week/weekend we had a year’s worth of rain fall in three days. Our beautiful city is flooded and considered a disaster zone. Mother Nature is making fun of us today, the sun is shining, the birds are singing… it’s like she’s saying ‘rain, what rain? you imagined it all’.

We’ve been up since dawn ferrying family and friends to work; so many roads are closed and there isn’t any public transport operating. All train lines are down due to flood damage and most bus services are cancelled. We still have 81 local schools closed today, thankfully down from the several hundred on Monday.

Evacuation centre at the end of our street.

We fared okay, we’re tired but relatively dry. The house is dry and thankfully not flooded inside. We will have to get a backhoe in to remove two patio areas so we can do some work around the slab; it’s expensive, but in the grand scheme of things minor compared to others and can wait a little. Rem & Spud were most displeased. They both hate thunder and we had three days of thunder. The entire city was flooding and I had a hysterical cat who stops peeing and needs vet care when he’s stressed!

Our biggest threat doesn’t come from the creek at the bottom of our garden, it’s run-off. When we get that much rain the water simply doesn’t have anywhere to go. This area was lucky, some houses were badly flooded but not completely lost. Several areas across the city are flooded to the roof tops.

Our backyard.
The river at the end of our street.
Our creek is like a barometer, we can gauge the severity of the rainfall by the height of the creek.

Thank you to everyone who checked in on us. The scariest part was ‘rescuing’ our two daughters from work when the evacuation orders went up. What is normally a 15 minute drive took two hours. We had to keep changing direction because of flash flooding. The situation was quite literally unfolding before us as we tried to get through to them. I never want to drive in white-out levels of rain again!

On a much, much lighter note I’ve been sewing some bunnies for Easter. I’ll try and get the patterns up this weekend. One is a new pattern, Snuggle Bunnies, based on the ever popular Snuggle Bears pattern and the second is the older Scrappy Bunnies pattern. I’ve been making a slightly smaller bunny and checking the proportions compared to the large one. Make sense? I hope so because I need a nap before I start my next car pool roster at lunchtime!

Take care everyone, especially those of you caught in the Qld and NSW floods. Much love to family and friends in Lismore, Ballina, and surrounds. Don’t get me started on Russia, I have nothing except the urge to throttle that God awful Putin. To our Ukrainian friends and global neighbours, stay strong, I’d like to think we’ve got your back. A little trite perhaps but meant with heart.

toni xx

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  1. Toni ~ That looks so awful. I hope you recover from this mess quickly and without too much trouble.
    I LOVE those bunnies! Super cute! They would be a nice little gift for small children for Easter who can’t have the candy OR those who can have candy but would love one of the bunnies too.

    I need to check your site more to see if they are there now and you mentioned an older pattern also for the smaller ones. Must investigate. 🙂 Stay dry! Maybe the water has washed all those nasty snakes away.

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