Monday, Monday

Hi y’all, it’s Monday and the last day of January. How did that even happen? I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to write lately. The social media gurus say ‘tell your story’ but to be honest my story is pretty boring. Seriously what does that even mean, your ‘story’. Ummm I’ve got to clean the bathroom today before it runs away from home (due to neglect) – does that count?

Sewing is happening!

I do have a funny story to tell. Just before Christmas I was released from the purgatory that is Coeliac disease. I am now allowed to eat all things containing gluten except Australian wheat, which I’m apparently allergic to. I know right, trust me I’m over this yes, no, yes, no thing too. BTW yup being allergic to Aussie wheat and not European wheat is a thing; not a woo thing imagined by the wellness community but a real documented specialist science-y thing. Don’t ask it’s too hard to explain.

Anyway moving along from that weird little bit of information – did I eat an entire loaf of crusty bread draped with cold salted butter, pasta dripping in tomato-y, cheesy, garlicky sauce? Cookies, cake? Nope (they still make me seriously unwell). What I did do however was eat six boxes, SIX BOXES, of liquorice. This could be heading into ‘too much information’ territory, but the Red Boots household only has one bathroom . . . the horror, the horror . . .

Okay, time for me to go get coffee. Did you know that coffee and a stick of liquorice, eaten/drunk together, is a sublime combination? My family has me on a liquorice ban so no magic gastronomical combo for me today. Have fun lovelies, much love, toni xx

10 thoughts on “Monday, Monday”

  1. DANG, Toni! What flavor/color of licorice? And who would have thought that Aussie wheat would be different?! I, personally would have gone for cake or the garlic bread loaf! <3

  2. Licorice …. well and presuming it was ‘Red’ licorice … now that I can understand and well you should be on a ban …. 6 boxes … oh dear hahahaha

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