Good morning! A quick question for you.

Good morning y’all, I have a quick question for you, then I’ll move on from this. I have to get it sorted before I can do anything else.

I could possibly offer (2) options for printed patterns. Let me know your thoughts.

The first being the professional pattern, folded in half, presented in a plastic sleeve. This is the more expensive option because it now ships at the much higher postal rate.

The second option is the same pattern but folded into thirds like a letter, and presented without the plastic sleeve. This would ship at letter rates and be much cheaper.

This option wouldn’t apply to all patterns because of further postal restrictions but it would to about 3/4’s of them. Would you buy a printed pattern that didn’t have a plastic sleeve and be folded differently to industry standards? You would be offered a choice at the checkout. xx

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  • I would purchase a pattern without the sleeve. Fold it anyway you see fit that doesn’t hamper your ability to do business. PDF is always a fallback as long as a rate of measurement is included for printing purposes (the famous 1 inch square)

  • YES I would prefer a paper pattern without plastic. Mainly because I feel we need to decrease our need for oil based products. Pine Needles/ McKenna Ryan first put patterns in paper bags, then a medium-heavy weight card container with a pic of the pattern, etc on the front and back.

    Not to mention saving money on both ends. For a favorite designer I would do almost anything to keep you in business. Both Australian and US postage rates have gone up again. What US quilter wants to pay a lot more in postage than you pay for the pattern?

    There are many others send just the pattern-no plastic but that number is decreasing. Maybe due to the retail sector who display patterns by hanging the bags on a wall?

    I definitely vote for tri-fold, no plastic.

    Robin Klein
    Dunedin, Florida. USA

    • Hi Robin, I’m totally on board for less plastic too. I’ve been using recyclable cellophane wrappers for a few years now (no plastic) but it’s easier to describe them as ‘plastic’. We’ve had a lot of designers using the heavier paper bags or cardboard envelopes. I’ve not been able to use them because of the postage costs and now of course they have to be shipped at parcel rates and it’s even more expensive. The postage costs more than the pattern. The retail sector defs wants them packaged ‘professionally’ for ease of display. It’s something we all need to think about. xx

  • That would work for smaller patterns. Some are a lot of pages and would still be too big. Would mailing instructions and templates in different envelopes help? I personally like preprinted but don’t usually want to wait so digital works.

  • For me it’s generally all about the money. If it’s much cheaper to fold in thirds and use a regular envelope, then do it!! 🙂 I always have to chuckle when I receive your email saying “Good Morning!” when it’s not yet even 7 PM here on Sunday evening on the East coast of the US. And I LOVE your patterns!! Thanks for keeping on, keeping on.

  • Absolutely would I go for the pattern folded in thirds. It would make no difference to me making the pattern. I like your thinking and your patterns

  • We have large business sized yellow envelopes that would take a letter size unfolded piece of paper. Barring that, I would much prefer pdf, instant download. I have a ecotank and can print anything. Thanks for asking and I pray for the Australian people every day.

    • Good morning from the uk, yes would buy a folded pattern with no sleeve ! Most if not all the ladies would have same sort of sleeves we could place in.
      Thank you for all the work you put into the Fairy quilt – really have enjoyed. And hope things get sorted for you. Regards

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