Printed patterns not available overseas.

Edit: ok, I’ve calmed down a bit, I will not go down without a fight. I’ve disabled all printed options for o/seas but will try and find an affordable option elsewhere. I’m not sure whether I can, Australia is an odd country with lots of monopolies. I’ll keep y’all in the loop. Red Boots won’t shut down unless I go into the red (haha) so PDF’s will continue to be sold.

2nd edit: ok, I’ve calmed down more lol. I wasn’t upset I was incandescent with rage. I’d just come from a small business meeting where there were so many people in tears. You’d be surprised at how many people, women in particular, who run small ‘kitchen table’ businesses who rely on their income to pay the bills.

There are people Australia wide working hard to get this reversed. The Ombudsman is supposedly working with us but has stopped responding. I think he’s overwhelmed to be honest. I will work out a solution, everything is okay, I was just beyond angry when I typed this.

Hi lovelies, as of today I’m going to stop sending printed patterns overseas. I’ll try and sort something out but Australia Post has decreased the size of the envelope allowed to be used to smaller than pattern size.

Also we used to be allowed 20mm in depth but now it’s 5mm, and they’ve increased the price by $10.

This is a nasty move by Australia Post who were told to make international postage affordable and to increase the weight allowances. Instead they’ve taken the mickey and have increased weight allowance but decreased depth and size of the envelope.

I hate what this country has become under this corrupt, greedy, lying, amoral Government. We’ve all fought behind the scenes to get them to be reasonable about postage but it’s all about profit, profit, profit, forgetting that Australia Post as a Government institution has a charter to the people to provide affordable postage to all. Small businesses like mine are being forced to make up the profits because the Billionaire owned giant corporations don’t pay what they should be paying.

I’m so sorry, I don’t know what I’ll do now. I may be able to survive on digital PDF patterns, but I’m not sure. Printed patterns will still be sent to Australians. I’ll be working hard to find a solution. I’ll let you know how I get on. Take care, toni xx

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  • Hello Toni, I’m so sorry to read this. I live in England and am staggered at what I read about life in Australia at the moment. I pray good will overcome evil.

    With very best wishes

  • Hi Toni, I feel your pain and hope for the best. I ordered two of your patterns in printed form recently. I can’t find the order number or receipt. It was in the name of Geneva Lowery in Warsaw, VA 22572. You can change my order to PDF rather than printed. I think one of the patterns was of cats. The Government there and the US are trying everything that they can to mandate everything that we do. I don’t know where this will all end. But I will be very happy to receive your patterns in the PDF form. I love your work and hate what you are having to go through. They are trying to snuff out all the small businesses. I personally think this is all by design.

  • Hi Toni,
    I really feel for you, I can ‘hear’ your feelings in your words. 💔 I love your blog posts & your patterns but in this day & age, I believe that charging o/s postage onto the customer may become the norm. Unfortunately that will make your product more expensive but the American Government has done the same thing, Bonnie Hunter (Quiltville) has stopped sending any of her products outside the USA, which I have been very frustrated by as a potential customer but that is the annoying way of things. I certainly hope for your sake that your o/s customers will support you in which ever direction you need to go.

    • Thanks Lynn, I’ve been finding it hard to source items from the US now too. Not just for quilting but gifts and things that simply can’t be purchased here. A lot of businesses in the US and UK are no longer sending to Australia. It’s some weird form of protectionism. I’m not even particularly angry at the postal increase but the reduction in envelope size is simply not okay. It’s a malicious move by a Government service who is supposed to support the Australian people not buy each other Rolex watches.

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