Hello! Printed pattern update.

Hello lovelies, well I’m no longer the angry rage monster I was before. I’d had a great morning, but then spent the afternoon consoling a number of distraught small biz owners (jewellers, artists, quilters) as well as trying to work out how to save my own business. The things our postal services are doing under the guise of Covid are bordering criminal.

I’ve had to make the difficult choice of either closing down the printed arm of the business or increasing o/seas prices. An increase it is. I’m sorry about that, I know how hard it is (financially) for the average person these days and I go out of my way to keep things affordable for everyone. Please keep in mind that digital PDF patterns will stay the same low price.

It will take a couple of days for the new printed pattern prices to update. I’ll try and work out bundle prices to make it more affordable… you know maybe buy two get one free or something. Let me work on that.

The last Fairytale Sew-Along update will be tomorrow and it will include the bonus blocks. After that I just want to get back to sewing and creating instead of spending my time on unnecessary admin and crazy neighbours lol. Sorry about the rage fest earlier. Watching people lose their income and businesses is never easy, especially when it’s nothing they’ve done wrong, nothing they can control. toni xx

3 thoughts on “Hello! Printed pattern update.”

  • Hi Toni just remember the old saying “when one door closes, another opens”
    i am just very grateful for your website, it brings a smile to my dial every time
    THANK YOU Perth

  • Thank you for all you do. This too shall pass. Maybe sending at book rate or slower method may help. And the crazy neighbors will go away eventually.

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