My Family, Snuggle Bears & Elves

Hi lovely people, I’ve updated the ‘My Family’ doll pattern. Nothing has really changed, I’ve just cut down on the pages involved. It was bunglesome and bulky before. The ‘smile’ is slightly different but nothing you can’t draw yourself. Message me if you are concerned.

The digital pattern is on special (25% off) in the Etsy store and in our webstore here.

These dolls are designed to be super-easy to make. No inset seams, just plain simple dolls made gorgeous through your fabric choices. You could sew a whole family in one weekend.

The hair variations and moustaches are still included. Make them with grey or white hair and you have Grandma and Grandpa.

The dolls themselves are the same size as before. If you want to make smaller dolls please use your printer or ask your print shop to reduce the templates for you. Remember the more you reduce the pattern the more difficult the smaller pieces will be to sew. I’d start at a 10% to 20% reduction and see how you go.

The ‘Snuggle Bears’ digital pattern is also on sale this weekend. You can find the pattern in our Etsy store or our webstore here.

The Snuggle Bears come in two different sizes; the small bear shown in the photo plus a larger bear. It also comes with an optional grumpy, toothy mouth.

These guys are also made to be quick and easy. They are snuggly by name and snuggly by nature. Use a soft fabric like velvet or corduroy to make them even better to cuddle.

Lastly, the “Kristy the Christmas Elf” digital pattern is on special too. You can find the pattern in our Etsy store and also in our webstore here.

Again, super easy and quick to make. You could whisk up a whole family of elves in a weekend and Kristy’s bag can be filled with goodies and treats.

Remember to stuff your soft toys well. The more stuffing you use (to make them firm) the better the doll or soft toy will look. Most people (including myself in the beginning) completely underestimate how much stuffing you should use. You don’t want split seams or a doll that can be used as a lethal weapon, but you do want it firm.

Take care my lovelies, toni xx