How do you spell love?

“How do you spell love?” asked Piglet.
“You don’t spell it, you feel it,” said Pooh .

Wise words from a fictitious character don’t you think?

Hello and a bright good morning to everyone, including our new followers. Hi and thanks for being here. I’m checking in to give you an update as to where I am right now personally and how that relates to Red Boots.

Due to the ongoing neighbour situation I’m struggling to get work done and that includes sewing. At the moment I can’t even bear to look at my logo or pages without feeling ashamed of my inability to keep on top of things. My sense of humour, and the resilience it gives me even in the worst of times, has deserted me.

I don’t want to post about this anymore (more feelings of self-loathing and shame) but I feel I owe people an explanation as to why I’m not designing much lately. We’ve been working hard to find solutions, life hacks that allow us to move forward. Some work, some don’t. Sometimes it becomes too much to deal with and we have setbacks. That’s where I am now, in the middle of a setback.

Moving forward…

Therm O Web have asked me to do another sew-along next year. I’m thinking I will start it later in the year to give myself some breathing room. I’m also thinking it will be more an ‘adult design’. Thoughts?

I have dozens of quilt designs ready to be sewn but of course I haven’t sewn them. I will. I just need some time to get on top of things and to forgive myself for what I see as my failure to ‘rescue’ our family and my failure to you for not being the perfect Instagram designer who doesn’t talk about this kind of stuff.

Much love to everyone, thank you always for your love and unwavering kindness. I’ll find myself again soon, toni xx

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  • I somehow missed this when you posted it. I second what Silvia so beautifully expressed! None of this is your fault and you have nothing to be ashamed of, Toni!! I have a saying and I drive my kids mad with it: Don’t Should Yourself. In other words, no “I should’ve taken care of…” or “I should’ve worked harder on…” Nope! No should’ing allowed!! And I, for one, would much rather support and get to know a real instagrammer than one who only shows her “good side” to the camera. I have really enjoyed getting to know you thru your blog and iG posts because you are real and you’re relatable. So, thank you for being vulnerable and sharing that side of yourself with us.
    When you’re ready, a grownup design or two sounds great. I’m actually not one for florals (too over done) but anything else nature-inspired would be beautiful. Trees, mountains, views, etc. Off to buy you a coffee or two…
    Peggy (iG: purduefan94)

  • I have been giving your idea of “adult” theme some thought. Personally I would like realistic flowers like a head of hydrangeas, snapdragon, lilies (lilies of the valley, day lilies, lily pads), iris, cannas, bleeding hearts… It would be something that could be a block in your quilt or added as an element on a handbag or wall hanging or even a playful addition to one of your figures. (Like the photographer that makes outfits, hats, pots, etc. that infants are positioned in.) Birds or animals that are associated with different countries, to take a walk around the globe. Educate and add more 3D with Trapunto. Just items I have not gotten around to yet.

  • Give yourself some love. You don’t owe anyone an apology. You must take care of yourself and your family. We’re praying that this situation will right itself soon. Hugs!

  • Thinking of you. Don’t feel bad about giving yourself time. It’s okay and healthy for your well-being. Take care. All the best x

  • what Jenny said…..don’t let that jerk get to you. I know its easy for the rest of us to say these things because we don’t have to deal with him, but I believe in karma. Down the road, it WILL happen. Have faith (not the religious kind) that this too shall end.
    In the meantime, take a breath, have a cry (VERY therapeutic!) if needed, create/sew when you feel like it, don’t when it gets too much. You, my dear Toni, have a connection with the rest of us – beyond quilting. Your personality shines through. Don’t let that a-hole take it away from you. We’re with you! XOXOX Stay strong……collectively we’re all with you. In the meantime, fellow Red Boot Quilt/Toni lovers………TONI WILL BE NEEDING A LOT OF COFFEE in the next few months!!! Lets make sure we all pitch in to make sure she has all she needs!!! XOXOX

  • As others have said, you are an amazing woman. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. We all have special gifts that we have been given. Yours shine brightly. We see that light in the very special designs you create. I will be praying for you and your family.

  • Some evil people make it really impossible to “love thy neighbor”. I pray that a solution comes quickly for you. Truly praying. ❤️

  • Your quilt designs are wonderful! I wish I had time to make them all. That being said and you looking for an adult design, I LOVE houses (each different) and I love florals (again each different). And I love a variety of color. Now I am excited to see what your wonderful imagination can come up with!

  • You are an amazing lady !! You give so much ! It will end it’s just a long road.
    I for one and so many others thank you for giving so much pleasure…pray the end is near for you.

  • You are awesome. Don’t let them neighbours make you feel and different. They can’t shade your shine. Karen and Hannah

  • You are doing a great job all round. Dont beat your self up, none of us can do it alone. Love what you do, just breath and dont worry.

  • Never ever feel bad about sharing your happenings, we are all human and we feel for you in your struggles. Try not to let your A%#hole of a neighbour get into your head, you are an amazing person who does an amazing job for your family and for your followers! Sending hugs

  • You are an amazing human being and designer. We love you and your designs. I pray that something big changes for the better for you and soon! You take good care of yourself and your family and feel free to reach out as you want. We can tell you have an amazing heart. All the best to you and your family during this trying time. Brenda

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