Hello! Christmas is Coming!

Hello lovely quilters! I’m just checking in to say hi to everyone. How are you all?

Christmas is on it’s way guys. I’m not sure whether I’m overjoyed at the thought of some seasonal festivities or really depressed at the thought of another year slipping by so quickly.

I’ve bought all my gifts already… how’s that for a Christmas miracle! I’m usually the shopper who is shopping on Christmas Eve, 15 minutes before closing time, wondering why I can’t find anything to purchase.

At the moment I’m plonked at the kitchen table, chocolate cake in the oven, cup of tea in my hand. I’m drawing a few Christmas quilt ideas. As usual I’ve left it late in the year to design them (I never feel Christmassy mid year and I need to feel Christmassy to make Christmas quilts – how much wood does a woodchuck chuck?)

BTW I was wondering why my cup of tea tasted gross and then I realised I put bicarb in it instead of sugar. Euwww! don’t do that, it doesn’t taste nice at all.

I have some buttons available for sale.
Message me with what you’re looking for and I’ll get back to you with further details and a postage quote.

The oven is dinging at me, the cake is cooked, the bicarb flavoured Lady Grey has been poured down the sink. Back to work for me. Love to all, toni xx

3 thoughts on “Hello! Christmas is Coming!”

  • Hi Toni – at least if you put bicarb in your tea, you won’t have any indigestion later! Can’t wait to see what kind of Christmas designs you work up. I’m not even ready for Halloween yet, and that’s usually “my” holiday. We moved in June and everything’s still in boxes, including my brain. Cheers from the other side of the world!

  • I am drinking my tea and just about spit it out when I read you put bicarb instead of sugar. Ick. Mmm, chocolate cake. I hope to make chocolate chip cookies today. I am in Halloween mode right now – okay 365 days a year – and don’t really think about Christmas at all. In the middle of adding a room to the house so things are not normal here, if I even know what that is. 🙂

    • I certainly spat my tea out lol. I couldn’t work out why it tasted so bad, I’d left the sugar and bicarb beside each other on the bench lol. There isn’t much fuss about Halloween here this year – it was fantastic last year – I was hoping the community spirit continued. Chocolate chip cookies would be great!

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