The OK Corral

Good morning lovely quilters! I’ve finished revamping the old (original) Wild West quilt pattern and have uploaded it to the website and the Etsy store. It’s been renamed “The OK Corral” to save confusion. As always the introductory price is cheap as chips :o)

If you are wondering about the original pattern, well it’s old and needed a bit of a re-write. It hasn’t been available for sale for a number of years but I keep getting requests for it. So, ta da! revamped and renamed. I’ve added a sun template to add a bit of interest. Have a lovely day y’all, toni xx

Ps. for Aussies, take out the cactus and stars, add a bit of scrub and the dingo/dog template (not shown in the photo) from The Land Down Under quilt pattern, and you have yourself an outback cattle station.

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