It’s Fairytale Friday!

Hello lovely quilters and welcome to Fairytale Friday brought to you by the lovely people at Thermoweb!

Block 17 is ready to go! Simply click on the image on the left to download the file. You can also find the patterns on our Fairy Tale Sew-Along page.

This week has gone by so fast. We’re still a little shell-shocked after last weekend’s sewerage pipe explosion (not literally but oh man it was baaad)!

Unfortunately it coincided with my birthday and we just didn’t have the heart (or stomach) to celebrate. I think I should be allowed to be a year younger LoL.

After many requests I’ve re-written and revamped the old, original Wild West pattern. Everything is new and pretty and it will be ready to upload sometime this weekend. To save confusion it will be called “The OK Corral”. I love this quilt, it has cows!

I wish I could freeze time and catch up with everything on my to-do list. I’m sure y’all have wished the same thing at some time or another. Haven’t you?

Oh we helped a fledgling survive it’s first night out of the nest this week. He couldn’t get back into the tree and Wildlife Australia asked us to look after him overnight and take him back to his folks at dawn the next day. So cool! It was nail biting stuff waiting for Mama & Papa to come back though!

Remember how I said I’d been searching for the blocks for the Sloth quilt? I couldn’t find the darn thing anywhere, I was seriously starting to think I’d binned it. Yeah well I was sitting on it. It has been on my sewing chair the whole time. I know I have a chunky butt but seriously!?

Anyway take care everyone, much love and all that stuff, I’m going to find something to eat for dinner. The fam is having pizza but I can’t eat it so I have to cook :o/


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  • I love reading your emails when I get them, as much as Bonnie Hunter’s blog, but not sure whether you post more regularly or only when I see a post related to a quilt I am following.

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