Digital and printed delivery.

Howdy folks, I can’t believe I’m having to write this again. Please, please I’m begging you, if you don’t receive your digital download receipt from this site or the Etsy store look in your spam/junk mail folders. If you can’t find it there then your email provider has blocked it at the server. Always contact me at and I will send the files manually to your email address.

I can’t be held responsible for your email provider blocking emails. As most of you know, attachments and links in emails trigger a security alert. It happens for all sorts of reasons and it happens to all businesses at some time or another. Heck my spam filter blocks emails from my bank!

Please remember I can’t access your email, I can’t change your settings for you, and I can’t telephone your provider on your behalf. There is nothing that can be done at my end. Your email is your responsibility.

Reporting my small business as fraudulent to PayPal and/or credit card companies is a terrible thing to do and makes it impossible for me to earn a living. How can I resolve your issues if you don’t contact me at and let me know there is an issue. Hotmail, Yahoo, and Applerelayid email address are particularly problematic. Keep in mind international time zones and business hours. I’m not Amazon, I don’t have employees working 24/7.

Also please, again please I am begging you, can you ensure your email address is still valid, typed properly, no letters missing, no letters or full-stops added. Please also ensure your mailing address, if you have purchased a printed pattern, is valid. If you have moved recently please check that you have changed your address on your order.

Most of all is it hard to be polite? The entire world seems to be so angry right now but how about we direct that anger at the powers that be instead of taking it out on each other. Much love to all, toni xx

6 thoughts on “Digital and printed delivery.”

  • Toni,
    I am embarassed that a sister quilter would be so nasty. Most issues are easier resolved through communication with the thought-to-be offending party. Please allow my apology on behalf of all.

  • I’m sorry if I don’t write well, I’m Italian and my English is the result of memories of the school
    I am very sorry for the criticism you have received, I can say that I have always received everything with the utmost tranquility and efficiency … my opinion of you is much more than 5 stars
    good day and good work…a warm greeting from Italy and Pisa my city, famous for the Leaning Tower

  • So sorry you continue going through this, Toni. It never ceases to amaze me how nasty and self-centered people have become. Keep the faith!! I love your patterns and will continue to follow you! Blessings.

  • So sorry Toni that you have to put up with this disrespect. I am a decent person and I find, unfortunately that good people get treated the worst. I have no understanding why! Believe me Toni, you are truly appreciated by most. You are a very caring and kind person. All the best. I am sure from MOST of your grateful fans 🥰

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