This Little Fishy.

Howdy, super-lovely quilters! How are you all on this slightly chilly Spring/Fall day?

We’ve been muddling along, my hubby’s step-brother passed away suddenly and left us reeling a little. Life is so unexpected, it’s made us step back a little and re-evaluate everything.

As always sewing has been my happy place, a place of safe retreat from the harshness of the world we find ourselves in.

This week I’ve uploaded the ‘This Little Fishy’ quilt to the online store and Etsy store. I’ve taken 30% off the digital pattern price for this weekend only.

This Little Fishy is one of my favourite quilts, it’s just so cheerful, so darned happy. This version measures 55 1/2in x 69 1/2in.

You can make a similar quilt using the pattern in the Happy Quilts book. The one in the book is smaller and uses a different method for the seaweed blocks.

My work computer has been repaired and I’ll be able to upload the next instalment of the Fairytale Sew-Along quilt next Friday (24th September). I found this photo on my iPhone from when I was putting it together – every Princess needs a carriage!

When was the last time you cleaned your sewing machine and replaced the needle?

Miss Janome has been a bit clunky and has missing stitches lately – I popped the base plate and look what I found inside! Eeek, it was full as a boot with felted lint, even the feed dogs were full of it. In my defence, time just got away from me lol.

Miss J is getting a bit long in the tooth these days and I’m rough on my machines – they put in a lot of work. I don’t want to replace her either, she has the BEST blanket stitch I’ve ever used. I need to find a new mechanic who’s willing to put in the hard yards to bring her up to snuff again.

Well it’s time for me to grab a cuppa, search out some chocolate, then make like a cat on a quilt. Remind me to tell you about the missing quilt blocks next post… I’d been searching for them for a month, you’ll never guess where I found them!

Take care lovelies, hug the ones you love, toni xx