Fairy Tale Friday!

Hello lovely quilters and welcome to Fairytale Friday brought to you by the lovely people at Thermoweb!

Block 15 is ready to go! Simply click on the image on the left to download the file. You can also find the patterns on our Fairy Tale Sew-Along page.

This week I’ve given you the templates for the small blocks that make up the strips that go between the bigger rows. Does that even make sense? I swear I’m losing my grip on the English language!

There are (75) of these blocks and it would be a good idea to make a start now. Take your time, they are easy to make but there are lots of them!

I’ve updated the Snuggle Bears soft toy pattern to include the templates for these smaller bears. They measure approx. 12 1/2in tall and are perfect for little hands.

If you already have the pattern simply print the templates at 75% of their original size. You can do this in your printer preferences. For the scrappy bears cut (2) extra back body shapes instead of a single front body shape.

The PDF pattern is half price in our online store and in our Etsy store this weekend. It’s a real bargain at $4! These guys are perfect for Christmas stocking stuffers!

I’ve been adding some blocks to my ‘favourite things’ quilt. There will be 121 blocks (I think 11 x 11) in this quilt and I’ve done about 46. There’s still a lot to go but I think it will be fun when it’s finished. It’s something I’ve wanted to make for ages but simply didn’t make the time for. I will turn it into a pattern but it will be a while before it’s finished.

Feel free to make block suggestions!

A few weeks ago Domenica sent me some products to try. She’s set up a new business called Sewmadic here in Australia. Domenica is selling thick wool pressing mats and applique fusing mats. Unfortunately just as they arrived the whole fam came down with the cold-from-hell and we ended up having to quarantine while we waited on Covid tests.

Since then I’ve been playing catch-ups and still haven’t had a chance to photograph them or do a review. I’m so sorry Domenica.

You can find a Domenica’s YouTube video here.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to put these babies to the test. At the moment I’ve put the big wool mat under the sewing machine. I do my sewing in the lounge room and the clattering of the machine tends to drown out the TV much to everyone’s annoyance. I’m hoping the big boy will damper the sound of the machine and I won’t get frowned at so much.

I’ve had the medium sized mat on the ironing board and so far – when I can wrestle it from the cat – it’s working a treat. It’s nice and thick and makes pressing quilt blocks a lot easier. More to come!

Well that’s it from me tonight, there’s a pork roast in the oven and I’m starving hungry. I hope you’ve all been well. We’re muddling along, it feels like Groundhog Day here to be honest. This new Delta variant of the Covid virus seems to have sent us straight back to Day 1 in 2020.

Thankfully the warmer Spring weather is almost here and I’m looking forward to sitting in the sun and forgetting that there a things like viruses, politicians, and violence in this world of ours.

This weekend I’m planting ‘teddy bear’ sunflowers for the bees, butterflies, and me. Everything is better with sunflowers.

Take care of yourselves lovely people. Much love, toni xx