Download Issues : Who’s at the Zoo

Hey lovelies, I need to update you regarding the Who’s at the Zoo download in the online store (not the Etsy store).

Just after I released the pattern a customer posted their download link to a Facebook group (not ours). It allowed hundreds of people to download the pattern for free.

The only way I could stop it was to break the original download link. I was hoping this wouldn’t impact too many genuine customers but a few of you haven’t been able to download the file.

However never fear! If you are having difficulties with your link message me and I’ll send the pattern to you manually via your email address. New orders won’t be impacted.

I’m gutted that someone has done this (again). I keep the patterns very reasonably priced so they affordable for everyone. Red Boots is a one man show; it’s just me, no employees, no big profits, just me sharing my version of happy with everyone.

To be very, very blunt – if you can afford the fabric and accoutrements for this hobby then you can afford a pitiful eight dollars for a pattern.

I want to thank the small crew of volunteers who help me out from time to time. You are the backbone of our Facebook group and the help I so desperately need when I’m completely overwhelmed by my workload. Thank you!

Please remember to always message me if you have a problem and I will help to the best of my ability. I always do my best to provide help where I can. I will always look for a solution for you.

Most of all please don’t share links for stolen patterns. It’s not clever or funny, you’re stealing from someone trying to make a modest living. Thanks and much love to everyone, toni xx

6 thoughts on “Download Issues : Who’s at the Zoo”

  • Oh Toni! I’m so very sorry. Its unbelieveable
    that someone would be so mean.Since they had to pay for it the person knew what they were doing. Just know that we your supporters are so very sorry this happened. You are the BEST!
    The first time I ordered from you..I accidentallyy paid 2x..I didnt know it. You immediately texted me & said the easiest to do was pick out another pattern. You told me it didnt matter if it was higher higher..course I got one the Same It showed me then how honest you were

  • I’m with Peggy. Wow, just wow, can’t believe it. You can’t exactly do that by mistake. We love you patterns. We also think you are incredibly well priced! Unbelievable. We think you rock!!
    Karen and Hannah

  • Wow. Just wow. People are so sh*%#y. I’m just at a loss for words. I’m so sorry. This world right now – I don’t understand why everyone is so rude and inconsiderate. But Toni, please don’t let those sh*%#y people affect your bright and happy spirit! (The grammar police, on the other hand, are harmless and just need to get out of their chairs and into the fresh air once in awhile! Ha!)
    -Peggy aka @purduefan94

  • Oh Toni I can’t believe folk can be so rude and that’s putting it politely ….you are so generous with your beautiful free patterns and as you say the price for a new patterns is very reasonable….
    I purchased a printed pattern this time and even that is a choose price……
    Thanks heaps 🤗🤗

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