Who’s at the Zoo!

Hey lovelies guess what!? We’re done! The lovely Katie and I think we’ve done all we can to ensure the math and instructions are right. It’s been hard to proof everything this time around, what with some of the harshest lock-downs and restrictions in place across half of the country. Me (us) having the cold-of-doom hasn’t helped!

So without further ado… tra la la… drum roll please… WHO’S AT THE ZOO is on the website and in our Etsy store now! Even better, the digital pattern is 20% off this weekend only.

Don’t freak out at the cost of the printed pattern, it’s huuuuge and even at this price it’s a close run thing to make a dollar or two profit. I’ve kept the digital PDF pattern at the normal price though. Much love to all, toni xx

2 thoughts on “Who’s at the Zoo!”

  • Yaaaaaayyyy!!! Just purchased it on your website. I can’t believe how much detail you packed into this pattern!!
    Sorry to hear that y’all are on lockdown again. Ugh. Come on people!!! Get vaccinated and wear your mask so that Toni can get back to designing her fantastic patterns, and then we can sew them!!
    Congrats on the new quilt!! I love it!

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