Delay: Who’s at the Zoo?

Hey lovely people, the release of the Who’s at the Zoo? quilt pattern will be delayed a day or two. I’ve come down with a cold and Spud-the-Ginger-Kitty is sick again – in the middle of a Covid lockdown *sigh*.

PS. I’ve had a Covid test. Someone, somewhere went out while they were sick! Grrr!

7 thoughts on “Delay: Who’s at the Zoo?”

  • Oh no! I’m so sorry you’re sick!! Did you know that cats can catch Covid as well? They get many of the same symptoms we do. I hope you’re both back to feeling like yourselves soon. The zoo quilt looks like it might be your best one yet!! But self care comes first!!

  • Hope you are well soon Toni and it’s nothing serious. Your health is important too. We are so excited for this amazing Quilt but we can wait.

  • Sorry that you are feeling unwell and hope that you get well soon. Take care during this covid lock-down as well.

    • So sorry your feeling bad. Take care of yourself and don’t worry about us. Give Spud a hug from me. We love our pet almost as much as our human babies.

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