Hello lovely quilters!

Hello lovely quilters, how are you this wonderful Wednesday? Tell me, what have you been up to?

I’ve been a bit absent from social media lately. I really needed to hunker down and just sew something.

Happy mail! A bundle of newbies from The Patchwork Angel at Forest Glen. The fabric is called “Create” by Kristy Lea for Riley Blake Designs.

I’m very, very happy to say the ‘Who’s at the Zoo quilt top has been finished, bundled up, and posted to the lovely Julie to work her magic.

I’m extraordinarily pleased that I finished a quilt and didn’t bin it because I didn’t think it was good enough to be released.

I’m hoping the pattern will be ready in about a week. Stay tuned!

Moving right along to the Fairytale Sew-Along quilt… well this one’s been problematic but only because I keep having to pack away my work boxes every time someone makes an inspection of the house and I keep losing pieces.

We’ve finally said no to more inspections for the time being. We had a great offer on the house a couple of weeks ago but there’s been nothing available in our price range for months now (to buy). It’s been so bad in our area and surrounds, the real estate agent would’ve even write up the contract. It was a bit of a gut-wrenching decision not to pursue it.

However back to the Fairytale quilt… I’ve found all the pieces (except the last row – which is a mission for the weekend) and it will finally be assembled and sent off to Julie to quilt.

There will be a Fairytale Sew-Along update on Friday night.

Next on the list is a simplified version of the Doll House quilt, a new Christmas quilt, and a new robot quilt.

Take care lovely people, see you on Friday, much love, toni xx

3 thoughts on “Hello lovely quilters!”

  • Hi Toni when one door closes another opens, hang in there, Perths realestate market is the same. I do admire your determination to see things through. Debbie

  • Your life is never plain sailing Toni. I can relate. Maybe we take the hard knocks so someone else can have an easier life? You always bounce back and I admire your spirit. The Real Estate Market is crazy in our State. Ideally for many reasons, some health related we need to think about selling but like you it would be finding a suitable replacement the hardest hurdle. Our State is going through a boom in some part due to the desirability of escaping COVID? Who would have thought 2 years ago. Hopefully all goes well for you. Take care x

    • Hi Anne, lol no it’s never been plain sailing. My children tell me I should write a book :o)
      I hope you find a suitable house, it’s hard here, prices are booming but there is very little for sale and when it is it’s usually sold before it even makes it to the open market. After I wrote this post today I had another real estate agent contact me with an inspection request LoL.
      Take care, toni xx

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