Happy Sunday Yee-haw!

Good morning and Happy Sunday to y’all. I had to go and get a Covid test bright and early this morning, I’m feeling fine, I’m just a low risk casual contact from a shopping centre. To celebrate my early morning nasal probe I’ve put four PDF patterns on special for the next 24 hours!

You can find the High Noon, The Wild West, Boot-n-Skoot, and Barn Stars digital patterns in our Etsy and online stores. Click on the photos below to be taken to the sale page. Take care y’all, yee-haw! toni xx

High Noon
The Wild West
Barn Stars

One thought on “Happy Sunday Yee-haw!”

  • Oh no Toni!! I hope you’re ok and that test comes back negative. Covid nasal swabs are Not Enjoyable!!!
    This here Texan says Thankee very much fer tha sayle padderns ma’am!
    Yes, all of us really do say yes ma’am and no sir to our elders. Yes, all of us really do say y’all (and if more than 3 people, it’s all y’all). Yes, we go to rodeos for fun. Yes, we all wear cowboy boots. We’ve got a work pair and a goin’ out pair if we’re lucky. I didn’t mean to ramble, I’m sorry! You’re speaking my language and now I have to make a boot quilt!!
    -Peggy (@purduefan94)

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