Fun at the Brisbane Pole…

Howdy folks, gosh it’s cold, damp, and miserable here today. So much for the ‘Sunshine State’ LoL. It’s the perfect day for hot coffee, happy quilts, and more happy quilts. It’s been a busy week again, but this time a productive one thank goodness.

Before I forget the ‘Fun at the North Pole’ PDF quilt pattern is 30% off for the next 24 hours as homage to this brass monkey weather. You can find it both in our Etsy store and our online store.

So last weekend I completely unpicked the zoo quilt. Yup I know, I’m completely bonkers but there’s a method to the madness I promise. Sometimes a quilt design, no matter how carefully you plan it out, won’t work.

This is where our old friend the un-picker comes in, and in this case, unlike Humpty, the pieces went back together again!

It’s (finally) almost finished and ready to be quilted. Yay!

I’m very pleased to announce The Patchwork Angel will be running the Santa’s House quilt as a block-of-the-month starting late July.

Please give them a call or shoot them a message if you’re interested!

Santa’s House is an easy, fun quilt to make and is a big hit with everyone who comes to visit in the holiday season. I’ve made multiple versions as gifts for family and friends.

You can find the Santa’s House pattern in our online store here. There is also a printed version if you prefer here.

Well that’s it from me today, I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Love to all who have got caught up in the NSW lockdown. I hope the case numbers come down quickly and it doesn’t spread interstate.

My lovely daughter made me a cheesecake yesterday and as Kelly G. reminded me, Mum’s are obligated to eat the whole thing as thanks, so that’s where I’m heading – the fridge. Hot coffee, cheesecake, a house renovating show, and I’m done for the day. Much love to all, toni xx

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  • Wow that cheesecake sure looks great Toni, what a way to spend the rest of the day, you deserve it !!! looking forward to seeing The zoo Quilt what a lot of time and effort.

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