Fairytale Friday #9

Hello lovely quilters and welcome to Fairytale Friday brought to you by the lovely people at Thermoweb!

Block #9 is ready to go! Simply click on the image on the left to download the file. You can also find the patterns on our Fairy Tale Sew-Along page.

It’s been another hectic week here at the Red Boots house. My hubby got his first Covid vaxx and the rest of us got our second. So yippee, we’re 4/5ths fully vaccinated now. We had a few side effects from the vaxx again – mostly joint aches, stiff necks, and foggy, headachey heads. Funny story re the foggy head; when I went for a shower last night I realised I had put on three, THREE pairs of underpants and hadn’t noticed all day haha!!!

I’m still a bit foggy headed so please let me know if I’ve made any mistakes in this week’s Fairytale instalment. I’ve also bought some fabric (double yippee), told all the local real estate agents not to bother with the house for the moment (a huge relief not having to run around after potential buyers), and chauffeured stressed Uni students to their mid-year exams. The last one was today and now we’re on Uni break (triple yippee).

Please forgive the terrible photos at the moment. I’m the world’s worst photographer!

The ‘Paper Doll Sew-Along’ quilt is coming to the end of it’s free status and will be added to the paid patterns come 1st July, 2021.

Pop on over to our free patterns page and download the digital PDF pattern before the 1st!

I hope you all have a fun weekend. I’m hoping, really hoping that I can finish the Zoo quilt and get the final rows of the Fairytale quilt sewn together before the end of the month so they can be quilted. Now that we won’t have potential buyers traipsing through the house I might actually get work done! Take care and much love, toni xx

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