Never Smile at a Crocodile.

Hello lovelies, how are y’all this sunny Winter’s Monday?

We spent a very busy weekend carving out a space in our garden where we can sit and have a cup of coffee without being seen or shouted at by our neighbour. It wasn’t easy, he has a remarkable ability to find where we are, but we found a tiny strip of sheltered space overlooking the creek that was overrun with brambles and lantana.

It felt really good to clear the weeds, to make a space for a bench in the sun. I’m aching all over, I think I moved a ton of dirt and mulch (quite literally) but it’s a start in the right direction. My poor work boots are going to need replacing soon!

Now to make a bench to sit on. My daughter wants to make it full length so we can take a cushion or two, stretch out, and read a book. It’s been so long since we could do that.

Best of all, today I got to put on my sewing slippers. Hooray! Ps. no comment, my feet were cold and aching from digging all that dirt! ha ha!

I’ve spent the past few days (in between moving piles of dirt) sketching and re-sketching a crocodile for the zoo quilt. Today I tested out the shapes using fabric. Ta da! I think I got him right don’t you? He measures a whopping 34in long LoL.

Gosh I’m starving, lunch was a long time ago. Heck, afternoon tea was a long time ago. And my feet are aching – standing desks are great and all, but my poor feet. Take care, love to all, toni xx

4 thoughts on “Never Smile at a Crocodile.”

  • Hi Toni your crocodile looks great looking forward to see the whole quilt, your work is always so bright and full of fun.

  • Love both the slippers and the crocodile 🐊 he’s amazing. Enjoy your peaceful sunny spot when finished. It will be worth it especially near water. So soothing. Take care 😘

  • Your crocodile is perfect! Glad you found a good spot with privacy. I just can’t imagine someone being so miserable and mean as your neighbor.

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