Wonderful Wednesday.

Hey y’all, how have you all been? A big Aussie hello to all our new followers, welcome to the chaos that is my creative and domestic life haha! I have a self-depreciating sense of humour and I’m overly honest and frank about all kinds of stuff so beware LoL.

Jeez guys where did May go? I know I’m operating on outdated software (I’m still working in 2020 mode) but May seems to have zipped by, leaving us all a little breathless in it’s wake. I’m determined to catch up on all things Red Boots so bear with me.

Last week we got our first Covid vax! Yay! As warned, and as expected, we had a few mildish side-effects post injection. I felt like blahh on day two and spent a few hours on the couch waiting for it to pass. Don’t let it put you off, it passes quickly and is worth the trouble.

If you are in Queensland please go to the Queensland Health website here and register for the vaccine. Don’t worry about tiers and waiting lists, it’s open to everyone and there is a wide range of places to go. You don’t need to go to your Doctor. If you’re worried about anything regarding your health, your GP can provide you with a letter to take with you, including what vax they recommend you have. Qld Health have been kind, helpful, and caring throughout the process.

I’ve been doing some work in between the “where-did-May-go” fog. The zoo quilt is almost finished, just one row to go and it can be sent off to be quilted. Yay! it’s been a long time coming. I’ve definitely struggled with my creativity and place in the industry over the past 12 months. It’s been difficult to say the very least. I’m still looking for an US distributor. Unfortunately it has to be a professional wholesaler to meet export and import requirements, but I thank everyone for offering to help from their homes *squishy quilty hugs and stuff*.

My sweet boy, Remy-the-Lion has been sick for a couple of weeks. He’s having troubles with allergy based ear infections. It makes him so unwell and this week he’s decided that he won’t use the kitty litter box. Ughhh, I love my big, cranky ginger boy but damn, the kitty box thing is deeply unpleasant.

I think he’s getting back to normal, he’s certainly feeling better, his symptoms are almost gone, and he used the box last night so fingers crossed.

Our nasty neighbour lost us a house sale this week. Would you like to watch me rage in frustration? His current shtick is screaming like a madman at anyone who parks in the street. My buyer got screamed at and hightailed it so fast it was comedic – straight out of a Looney Tunes cartoon.

Hey I’m considering changing my business name. I picked ‘The Red Boot Quilt Company’ on a silly whim, under pressure, years ago and it doesn’t quite fit in with the current crop of business names. It’s a little odd and a little old if that makes sense.

When it comes to the quilty crunch I’m not a fan of my own business name LoL. If it was a quilt I’d be whipping out my unpicker and taking it apart!

Any thoughts?

Well, that’s it today. Lunch beckons (a really spicy curry) and then I need to get some sewing done. Like I said, one row to go and the zoo quilt is done. Phew! It’s a June miracle!

Before I go, don’t ya just love the fabric bundle the lovely Fiona from Peppermint Stitches put together for me!? I haven’t had time to go fabric shopping lately so I asked Fiona to cut 25cm each of ten different fabrics in each colour-way and she came through for me. Thanks Fiona!

Take care everyone. Much love to our Victorian friends in this latest Covid lockdown, we’re thinking of you. toni xx

14 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday.”

  • I agree as I associate you with the name and as I scroll through stuff, when The Red Boot Company comes up I never have to think. As your quilts are for little ones the maybe The Little Red Boot Company? Best of luck ☘️💐💐

  • Hi Toni,
    I like your business name as is – it is quirky, distinctive and easy to remember. Just keep on doing what you have been doing!

  • I agree with everyone Toni, your business name makes me smile, so why change. I don’t think you really realize how your creativity, fun and joy brings out exactly those things in your patterns and for those that use them like myself. Makes me happy 😃

    • Thanks Carolyn. The general consensus seems to be to keep the name. It certainly saves me money and trouble haha!
      I’ve always been made to feel it’s weird and I get laughed at for it, so I thought maybe it was time to change it.

  • No suggestions here, I’m sorry! I love the name Red Boot Co. Thanks for the link to Peppermint Stitches, I am perusing my way thru the site. I love the spots & stripes fabric you got, I have pulled all the ones I have for the first border on my paperdoll quilt, I was surprised at the quantity & diversity I had. I really hope I can get this border on soon & move closer to a finish, the recipient lives in Caboolture so it’s getting chilly enough for a quilt 🥶

    • Thanks Lynn, the general consensus seems to be to keep the name. Who’d have thought. I was always under the impression that it was hated, everybody makes fun of it. Oh well, it looks like it stays! It will save me money and trouble too LoL. Peppermint Stitches has a good range of spots and stripes right now, they always lift a quilt. I can’t wait to see your finished quilt. It is getting quite chilly, Caboolture is just north of us too. Take care and thanks, xx

  • I love your business name, because it’s different and a bit quirky is why I remember it 😊👍🏻

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