It’s FairyTale Friday!

Hello lovely quilters and welcome to Fairytale Friday brought to you by the lovely people at Thermoweb!

Block #7 is ready to go! Simply click on the image on the right to download the file. You can also find the patterns on our Fairy Tale Sew-Along page.

20% off our Digital Pattern of the Week!

This week’s digital pattern of the week is Windy Hill Farm”. You can find the Windy Hill Farm digital pattern in our Etsy store and our webstore here.

The Little Princesses quilt pattern has now been published as an individual pattern (to the Happy Quilts book) for sale in the shop. I’ve simplified some of the shapes without losing their charm and have made it a lot more printer friendly.

It’s available in both printed and digital PDF formats and you can find it in our Etsy store here and our webstore here.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week, we’re coming to the end of our (working) holiday. Boo Hoo! Next time around our holidays, I hope, will be spent holidaying!

Take care everyone, much love and happy quilting, toni xx